27 & 28 April 2019

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Wetten, Synnøve Sizou

Video, sound, performance and painting.

Synnøve Sizou G. Wetten perform futurist scenarios from a queer perspective, suggesting that the posthuman helps us make sense of our flexible and multiple identities, merging non binary id, sexual differences and speculations on artificial intelligence. Medias include performance, video, sound, painting and text projects,

WEVARIATIONS is a collaboration project together with Kristina Ketola Bore where we speculate in futurist criticality and feminist algorithms.

Wetten bodybrainbody x1
Title: Body Brain Body - Prod. year: 2014-2018 - Format: HDV - Duration 2:43 min/ loop
You are a part... 2 wetten
Title: You are a part of the story - Prod. year: 2017-2018- Format: Video and wall painting. Installation from Haugar Kunstmuseum
Wetten sizou sy is this now?
Title: Is this now XXYX? - Prod. year: 2018- 2019 - HDV- In production
Feminst algorithms
Title: WEVARIATIONS Prod. year: 2016 - Format: Video and web site: http://wevariations.xyz/ - Collaboration with design critic Kristina Ketola Bore

Planned projects and exhibitions

Spring exhibition/ Fotogalleriet
Sølvberget, Stavanger 2019



born 24.06.78, Akershus/ Norway
+47 91855354

2007-2009 MFA, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden
2007-2008 Akademie fur Bildende Kunst, PCAP-Conceptual Department, Vienna
2004-2007 BA, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden
2000-2002 Strykejernet kunstskole, Norway

2018 Heimdal kunstforening/ NO
2017 K4, Oslo / NO
2017 Buskerud Kunstsenter/ NO
2014 UKS – Young Artist Society, HOW, Oslo/ NO
2012 SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Nipple scale for a parade, / NO
2012 Kunstnernes Hus W17, Åpent studio/ NO
2011 Galleri S:t Gertrud Trans Panthers Today´s Labyrinths, Malmö/ SE
2011 Tidens Krav Trans Panthers Manifesto, Oslo/ NO
2010 Galleri 21 Fine Art Union Club, Malmö/ SE (FAU)
2009 USF Verftet Splinter Trips
Deviant Militancies of Occupation, Bergen/ NO
2009 KHM Gallery Emergent Future, MFA Exhibition, Malmö / SE

2019 Vårutstillingen, Fotogalleriet
2018 Objektiv Press / Polycopies under Paris Photo/ FR
2018 Akershus Kunstforening, SUB.
2018 Haugar Kunstmuseum, HEN – Flytende kjønn.
2017 Public Art Screens/ IoLab / NO
2017 Oslo Art Weekend, Podium/ NO
2017 Bærum Kunsthall/ NO
2016 Stavanger Kunsthall, Årskonferansen 2016 – Kulturrådet.
2016 Tegnebinnalen, ´En kollektiv psykogeografisk guide til Oslo´ / NO
2016 Kunstnernes Hus, Spesial Nord – Torpedo release / NO
2016 SOPPEN performancefestival, Ekebergparken, Trollkrem/ Oslo Pilot
2015 Museum of Cultural History Norway Nobody passes, Oslo/ NO
2015 LA Art Book Fair 2015 / US (invited by Trollkrem)
2015 Studio 17 Stavanger Best of UKS 2014, / NO
2015 Galleri KiT Nobody passes, Gender Week 2015 / NO
2015 Galleri Gamle Ormelet Island Forever, Tjøme/ NO
2014 19TH BIENNALE OF SYDNEY 2014 You Imagine What You Desire, (Fine Art Union), /
2014 Vasterås KonstmuseumThe beginning is Always Today/ SE
2014 NY Book Fair 2014 (US)
2014 Warehouse 9, MIX Copenhagen, SEARCHING FOR A THRILL! /DK
2013 Museet for Samtidskunst, Museum of Contemporary Art Norway Paradox,/
NO/ performance (FAU)
2013 SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum The beginning is Always Today, / NO (FAU)
2013 Kunsthall Oslo, Torpedo Press Opplesninger,/ NO
2013 Kunstrom 5I I See Rainbows / Oslo/ NO
2013 CASS Gallery London Metropolitan University, The greatest show on earth; The
Northern Lights/ UK
2013 SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum Museets Samling 2013 / NO (FAU)
2012 Overgaden- Institute for Contemporary Art Axis Allies And Neutrals, /DK (FAU)
2012 Kunstbanken Kunstnere fra Hedmark, Hamar / NO
2012 Landmark/ Bergen Kunsthall After School, / NO (FAU)
2012 Kolon Forlag, Hove festivalen Litteraturscenen, / NO
2011 Kunsthall Oslo Run, Comrade, the old world is behind you,/ NO
2011 Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2011Performative City
Excavation Program, / SE (curated by Sarat Maharaj, Stina Edblom, Gertrud Sandqvist and
Dorothee Albrecht)
2011 Or Gallery ΔΤΧ , Berlin/DE (FAU)
2011 SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum Screaming from the Mountain: Landscapes and
viewpoints,/ NO (F.A.U)
2011 Inter Arts Center Pang aea superkontinent,, Malmö/ SE
2011 Galleri 1857, Spesial Nord Tekstallianse, Oslo/ NO (F.A.U.)
2011 Human Resources, Los Angeles/ Queering Sex /US, curated by Sarvia Jasso &
Kathryn Garcia
2011 Black Box Teater, ++, Oslo/ NO
2011 Kurant, Tromsø/ NO (performance)
2010 Open Art Fair Paris / Foire d’art contemporain à Paris Access et Paradox (selected
by Camilla Larsson and Virlani Hallberg), Paris/ FR
2010 Bio Palatset/ Konstfrämjandet Skåne Dansksvenskt,, Malmö/ SE
2010 Signal- Center for Contemporary Art Samtal, performance/presentation, Mars 16,,
Malmö/ SE
2010 Henningsen Contemporary Astronomical Frontiers, January 15,, Cph/ DK
2010 Art Copenhagen/ The Nordic Art Fair 2010, Konstfrämjandet Skåne, Cph/ DK
2010 Kunstnernes Hus Høstutstillingen,, Oslo/ NO (performance)
2010 St. Michael, Eppan Common Sense/ IT
2010 Art Kino # 7, Rio Stockholm, Curated by Camilla Larsson & Virlani Hallberg/ SE (FAU)
2010 Skånes Konstforening Diverse Universe 2010 Non Grata & Fine Art Union, May 25
2010 Østfold kunstnersenter and Peder Balke Senteret Østlandsutstillingen 2010,/NO
2010 KHM Gallery Hadal Aides, MFA Show/Critical Studies,, Malmö/SE
2009 Galleri Rekord Freshness of being, 24 April,, Oslo/ NO
2009 Podium Art Recipe Kabul/Oslo /NO
2009 BIT Garasjen Art Recipe Kabul/ Oslo / Bergen/ NO
2009 Spesial Nord, Launch, Torpedo, Oslo/ NO (FAU)
2009 Sørlandsutstillingen, Christianssands Kunstforening, Skien Kunstforening,
Arendal Kunstforening Utpust! / NO (FAU)
2009 Stengade 30 Konfetti, Demo Demonstration, May 14, Cph /DK
2009 Landings Project Space Monument; Resurrection# 6, (performed in Andrea Geyer
solo show) May 2 /NO
2008 ISCP New York Poll of Push and Pull /US
2008 Wight Biennial 2008 Los Angeles, Group Effort-Collaboration as process and form/US
(curated by Wu Tsang and Alex Segade)
2008 Every Body Counts, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium/ NO
2008 Loop 2008, Festival Programacio Universitats, Barcelona/ ES
2008 Demo Demonstration Freaks ń Ǵ eeks, Debaser- Malmö/ SE
2008 Silverplatter, Los Angeles Wildness- Demo Demonstration, Sept. 30/ US (curated by
Wildness, Wu Tsang)
2008 Smia/ Kristiansand/High come down NO
2008 Rundgang 2008, Wien/ AT
2007 Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic On the Status of Contemporary Aliens and Monsters,,
2007 Black Box Teater & UKS- Performance-festival, Nov. 3, Black Box Teater, Oslo/ NO
2007 Basement 33 KillingVildeVonKrogh :, Oslo/ NO
2007 Kunstverein Hannover Crosskick/ Platform #4 (curated by Dr.Martin Engler & Stefan
Berg) Hannover/ DE
2006 Palladium- Dansstationen Junge Hunde festival- Scenario 1, Nov. 24,, Malmö / SE
2006 Entrescenen, Aarhus Junge Hunde festival Oct.17/ DK
2006 Rush Hour Strip Club Our pleasure is financed,, Sept.18, Berlin/ DE
2006 Burö fur postmoderne Kommunikation, Berlin The riddle remains static in its
displacement (collaboration with Leander Djønne)/ DE
2006 Year Exhibition 2006, Malmö Art Academy The VIP Show, Copycat Syklus,/SE
2006 Black Box Teater Black Beauty. Copycat Syklus/ NO
2005 Globus Bar Berlin Copy Cat syklus, Performance-consert/ DE.
2005 BIT Teatergarasjen Meteor 2005/ NO
2005 Galleri 21Gallerinatten,, Malmö performance-consert./ SE
2005 Year Exhibition 2005 Black Beauty meets Digital Utopia, Malmö Art Academy/ NO
2004 Salong 100, Helgesensgata 4, Oslo/ NO
2003 Podium A robot must obey orders, Oslo/ NO (sound/performance in collaboration with
Monica Winther),
2003 Podium Harmonisk og velordnet (performance with Annette Stav Johanssen,
scenography Synnøve G. Wetten) Oslo/ NO
2003 NO 9, Contemporary art space, Oslo/ NO
2002 SKA, Statens Kunstakademi i Oslo (concert/ Kallaltmarmor), Oslo/ NO
2002 NO 9, opening of the gallery (concert/ Kallaltmarmor), Oslo/ NO
2001 Rockefeller Mars 8 (concert/ Kallaltmarmor), Oslo/ NO
2001 Blå X-Ray, / Oslo/ NO

2012 FRANK (event IIII) initiated by Liv Bugge, Sille Storhile and Synnøve G. Wetten / Oslo/
2012 FRANK (event III) initiated by Liv Bugge, Sille Storhile and Synnøve G. Wetten / Oslo/
2012 FRANK (event II) initiated by Liv Bugge, Sille Storhile and Synnøve G. Wetten / Oslo/
2012 FRANK (event I) initiated by Liv Bugge, Sille Storhile and Synnøve G. Wetten / Oslo/
2010 Kunstnernes Hus VAST PROJECTION, screening program in collaboration with
Christina Leithe Hansen, part I & II at , Oslo/ NO
2009 Gallery USF, Bergen/ CAM, co-curating with Arne Skaug Olsen, Jan Christensen,
Andre Gali, James Webb and Lerato Bereng, Jooyoung Lee, Jimmi Limit, Wang Baoju and
Wang Jiabei, Joris Lindhout, Jan Freuchen, Runa Johannessen and Dan Levenson, NO
2003 Established Podium (2003- 2005, collaboration with Steinar Haga Kristensen,
Annette Stav Johansen, Torkil Sansund and Petter Goldstein) Oslo/ NO.
2003 Oslo Art Festival, representing Badet/ NO, collaboration with No 9, Vilde Von Krogh,
Oslo/ NO.

2018 3 year working grant, BKV
2017 Norsk fotografisk fond- prosjektstøtte
2017 1 year working grant, BKV
2017 Prosjektstøtte visuell kunst, Kulturrådet
2016 Statens utstillingsstipend
2016 Prosjektstøtte visuell kunst, Kulturrådet
2015 Prosjektstøtte visuell kunst, Kulturrådet
2015 1 year working grant, BKV
2015 Diversestipend, Kulturetaten Oslo Kommune
2015 Project support Fond for Lyd og Bilde
2014 1 year working grant, Statens kunstnerstipend Norway
2013 Prosjektstøtte Vederlagsfondet
2013 Prosjektstøtte visuell kunst, Kulturrådet ( FAU)
2013 Prosjektstøtte visuell kunst, Kulturrådet
2013 Office for Contemporary Art Norway-International Support (FAU)
2013 1 year working grant, Vederlagsfondet
2012 Residency W17, Kunstnernes Hus (NO)
2012 1 year working grant, Vederlagsfondet
2012 Sparebanken Hedmark grant
2011 Office for Contemporary Art Norway-International Support (FAU)
2011 Office for Contemporary Art Norway-International Support
2011 Office for Contemporary Art Norway-International Support (FAU)
2011 Arts Council Norway- project support
2010 Office for Contemporary Art Norway-International Support
2010 Norsk Fotografisk Fond
2010 Arts Council Norway- Scenetekstutvikling
2009 Office for Contemporary Art Norway-International Support
2009 Arts Council Norway – Scenetekstutvikling
2007 Arts Council Norway – Scenetekstutvikling
2007 Arts Council Norway – Guest play, performance festival Blackbox/ UKS
2006 Arts Council Norway – Scenetekstutvikling
2003 Henning Børresen scholarship
2002 Frifond for musikk

FINE ART UNION founded in 2006, Annette Stav Johanssen & Synnøve G. Wetten.
G5 Collaboration with Christina Leithe, Iselin Linstad Hauge, Lucy Swan and Pernille
FRANK initiated by Liv Bugge, Sille Storhile and Synnøve G. Wetten in 2012.
Sørlandets Kunstmuseum/ Sørlandets Kunstmuseum.

2013 The transversal, Art Gender Art Kunsthall Trondheim/ NO
2013 Forrådt/ Stemmerettsjubileet, Knipsu, Bergen/ NO
2012 Julekalender, Kunstkritikk, 09.12.12
2012 Gruppe 12, Kolon Forlag, skjønnlitterær antologi/ NO
2009 Spesial Nord, magazine/ NO
2008 Group Effort – Collaboration as process and form-catalogue, Wight Biennial 2008/ US
2007 Manifest, Rett Kopi (Karin Nygård & Ellef Prestsæter)/ Tidsskrift ved Universitets
Forlaget / NO

2017 Prosjektskolen, 3 weeks performance work shop
2016 Prosjektskolen, 3 weeks performance work shop
2014 Prosjektskolen, 3 weeks performance work shop
2013 Prosjektskolen, 2 weeks performance work shop
2012 Prosjektskolen, 3 weeks performance work shop
2012 Gateakademiet, Kristiansand NO 1 weeks performance work shop
2011 Gateakademiet, Kristiansand NO 3 weeks performance work shop
2018 Dagsavisen, Når det uvanlige blir vanlig, 5 Februar, Lars Elton.
2018 Morgenbladet Emil Flatø, Hen Flytende kjønn, Jan 2018.
2017 Klassekampen, Tommy Olsson
2017 NRK Radio/ Buskerud 02.03.14
2017 Drammens Tidene 01.03.17, ‘Stiller ut bilder av transbarn’
2017 ‘Med fokus på tweens og transprosesser’, Gaysir
2014 Kunstkritikk, Julekalender 12.12.14
2014 Kunstkritikk Fantasi vs. Realpolitik, 09.04.14
2014 Kunstforum Nr 2, Profiler, Fine Art Union
2014 Kunstkritikk, Sterk norsk representasjon i Sydney
2014 Natt og Dag, Hva skjer
Kunst, mai 2014
2013 Kunstforum, Ny leder, nytt program, 20.09.13
2013 Kunstkritikk, No woman is an island 17.10.13
2012 Norsk Kunstårbok 2012, Redaksjonens valg, Highlighted projects
2012 Kunstforum, Kvinner i kunsthistorien, Frida Forsgren
2012 Morgenbladet, 16-22 feb.,”Hip,hip,hurra”, Tommy Olsson
2012 Kunstkritikk, julekalender “årets event”, FRANK, Esperanza Rosales
2012 Morgenbladet, 9-15 feb., “Tommy Olsson anbefaler”
2012 Billedkunst, 3, “På Hamar med slakt. Not!”
2012 Billedkunst, 3, “FRANK – salongkunsten gjenoppstår” http://www.billedkunstmag.no/
2012 Morgenbladet, 13-19 april, “Fremtid under arbeid”
2012 Bergens Tidene, Flerstemt”, 05.03.12
2011 Pandemonium, Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2011, catalogue
2011 Artforum, Unconventional wisdom
2011 Kunstkritikk.no, “Manifeste Projeksjoner”, 18.02.11 http://www.kunstkritikk.no/kritikk/
2011 Sydsvenskan, Svärtan får en ny innebörd, Mons Holst-Ekström, 10.02.11 http://
2010 Sydsvenskan, Carolina Söderholms fem tips till Gallerinatten
2010 Sydsvenskan, Speciellt fokus på Öresundsregionen
2010 Sydsvenskan, Mycket mer än en konstpaus/ Ulf Claren, 25.09.10
2010 Sydsvenskan, Kränkningens historia, Feb.18/2010
2010 Sydsvenskan, Skulpturer får liv för kapitalismen, feb 6/ 2010
2010 Sydsvenskan, Redaktionen tipsar inför helgen, Feb.5/ 2010
2009 Sydsvenskan, Kluvna känslor, Carolina Söderholm, 03.03.09
2008 Every Body Counts,Vestfossen Kunstlaboratoriet, catalogue
2006 Sydsvenskan, Elever som vil nå ut, Konst, 24.05.06
2006 Kveldsposten, Bakom murarna, 23.05.06
2005 Kveldsposten, Vilken vitalitet, 24.05.05

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