27 & 28 April 2019

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Cantzler, Mattias

Sculpture, sound, installation, film and video

Cantzler (b. 1976, Sweden) is based in Norway for 13 years. He is mainly working with installation, sculpture, analogue 16mm film, video, animation, photography, sound and land art. His work is often focusing on space and related to the site. A source of inspiration for him is the american/italian architect Paolo Soleri and his definition of space as reality, as well as the thoughts about the concepts archeology, ecology and architecture, or how the problems of the urban civilization possibly can be solved. Cantzler’s artistry is characterized by experimentation and an uncompromising attitude.

Member of FFF, NBK, UKS

En limpa snusfornuft helbild
En limpa snusförnuft
En limpa snusfornuft helbild3
En limpa snusförnuft
Img 5577
En limpa snusförnuft

Planned projects and exhibitions

Østlandsutstillingen, Harpefoss Hotel (2019)
Vårsalongen, Liljevalchs konsthall (2019)



2004 – 2007 Statens Kunstakademi i Oslo
2002 – 2004 Nordland Kunst og Filmfagskole
2001 – 2002 Lunds universitet, konstvetenskap
2000 Fatamorgana Danmarks Fotografiske Billedkunstskole


2018 En limpa snusförnuft, Oslo Project Room, Norway
2018 OWO (One work only), Khartoum Contemporary Art Center
2016 Mariusstrømpeblues, Oslo Utmark, Norway
2015 2.45, Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 Bad Spirits, Carl Berner Project Room, Oslo, Norway
2014 Plenty of Shit, Konstepidemin in Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 Stone Mapping, Skien Kunstforening, Norway
2011 One Night Only, solo exhibition at UKS, Oslo, Norway
2007 Kvinna sökes, Galleri 21:24, solo show, Oslo, Norway


2019 (Upcoming) Østlandsutstillingen 40-årsjubileum, Harpefoss Hotell
2019 Vårsalongen, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 Østlandsutstilllingen, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway
2018 Spikersuppe Lydgalleri
2017 Confusion of Tongues, Winter Soltice, Kabeltårnet Kulturfabrikk
2017 Algeria (extract of perfumes), Khartoum Contemporary Art Center, Oslo, Norway
2017 Edge of Wrong, Cape Town, South Africa
2017 Østlandsutstilllingen, Hedmark Kunstnersenter, Hamar, Norway
2017 Oslo Open, Vandaler Forening, Norway
2016 Contexts, International festival for ephemeral art, Sokolowsko, Poland
2016 Lager 008, Oslo, Norway
2016 Human Scarecrows, Oslo, Norway
2016 Hypogeum group exhibition, Oslo Open, Vandaler Forening
2015 Winter Solstice, night show, Vandaler Forening, Oslo
2015 Work in Progress, Oslo Open, Norske Billedhoggerforeningen i Oslo
2015 World Citzen Festival, Mainz, Germany
2014 Winter Solstice, Øvre Fossum Gård in Oslo, Norway
2014 Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
2013 HDTS 2013 Joshua Tree-Albuquerque, USA
2013 Tomma Rum, public art in collaboration with Hanan Benammar, Unnaryd, Sweden
2013 Pluss Pluss, Oslo International Theater Festival at Black Box
2013 Think Tank, at Galerie Oberkampf, Paris, France
2012 Prosjektrom Nordmanns, Stavanger, Norway
2012 Mombi festivalen, performance together with Sigmund Skard, Madstun, Norway
2012 Bønder i byn, Geitmyra parsellhage in Oslo, Norway
2011 Wuthering heights, Tøyen kulturpark, Oslo, Norway
2010 FIA International Animation, film festival at Bio Rio in Stockholm, Sweden
2010 A sense of the edge, Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden
2010 Strange age, Podium in Oslo, Norway
2010 Tegnebiennalen, Moss, Norway
2010 Minimalen, film festival in Trondheim, Norway
2009 Art by Chance, video program screened simultaneously in the public space in different places around the world
(for example in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hamburg,
Berlin, Stuttgart, Mumbai, Delhi, Toronto och Glasgow)
2009 Tomma rum, Emmaboda, Sweden
2009 Soaré i Leopoldusgården, Oslo, Norway
2009 Eksjö animation festival, Sweden
2009 Bergen animation festival, Cinemateket, Norway
2009 The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad, Norway
2009 Minimalen, filmfestival, Trondheim, Norway
2008 Euroshorts, filmfestival, Centre for Contemporary Art in Warszawa, Poland
2008 The Cubicle Art Gallery, Manila, Philippines
2007 Loop, Video art festival, Barcelona, Spain
2007 Final year exhibition, Statens Kunstakademi i Oslo, Stenersen museet, Oslo, Norway


2018 One year working grant, Bildende Kunstneres Vederlagsfond.
2017 Diversestipend, Art Counsil Norway
2016 OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway), International support
2015 Pronto (project support), City of Gothenburg
2015 OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway), International support
2014 Three years working grant, Art Counsil Norway
2013 Oslo Kommunes Kunst- og Kulturstipend
2013 One year working grant, Bildende Kunstneres Vederlagsfond.
2013 OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway), International support
2012 Diversestipend, Arts Council Norway
2012 Project support, Arts Council Norway
2011 One year working grant from the Swedish Art Grants Committee
2011 Project support, Fond for Lyd og Bilde

Open on: Saturday


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