27 & 28 April 2019

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Supported by
Adam Mickiewicz Institute
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City of Oslo, Agency for Cultural Affairs
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Haugen, Bjørn Erik

installation, video, sound art, photo, prints

My name is Bjørn Erik Haugen, and I have an MA from the National Academy in Oslo 2007. I work mainly with sculpture, sound- and video installation. I work from a conceptual platform where the idea to the work comes before the material, media or way of expression. My works has been shown on the annual national autumn exhibition in Norway, and have been screened in Wienna, Barcelona, Sweden, Germany, England and in USA. I exhibited at Transmediale 2012, Berlin. I received«Honorary Mention» at Prix Ars Electronica 2012 in the section Digital Musics & Sound Art. One of my videos was screened at Palais de Tokyo, during Rencontres Internacionales, December 2012 and at WRO International Media Art Biennale in May. In 2014 I exhibited at Bucharest Biennial, ISCM 2014 and at Bristol Biennial. Last year I exhibited at Land-Shape, Århus, Spring-exhibition, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, ISEA 2015, Vancouver and at 28. Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille.
I started my artistic research position this autumn. Lasts year I had a solo-exhibition at Haugar Art Museum and I exhibited at the Research Pavilion in Venice and at Wroclaw Media art Biennial 2017. This year I will have an exhibition at K4 galleri, nachtschpeicher 23, Haugar Art Museum and concert at Blurred Edges Festival and at Klang Festival in Copenhagen.

Member of NBK, BOA, NBF, NKF

Faster than the blink of an eye   seeing
Worker & server 2017
Worker & Server
Das kapitalistische ausland
Das kapitalistische Ausland

Planned projects and exhibitions

March: Østlandsutstillingen 2019
April: By the Road, Oslo
September: It takes all kinds to make the World, Sir
October: Solo show, Khåk Ålesund
October: Tsulu, Historical museum


2016-2020: Artist researcher, NMH
2007: Research Assistant: InterMedia, University of Oslo
2005 – 2007: MA: Oslo Academy of Art
2002 – 2005: Bachelor of Fine Art, Trondheim Academy of Art
2000: History of ideas, University of Oslo
1999: Philosophy, University of Tromsø

2013: Special Art Award: Baustelle/Schaustelle, Essen, Germany
2012: Honorary Mention» at Prix Ars Electronica 2012, in Digital Musics & Sound Art

Solo exhibitions
2019: October, Khåk, Haugesund
2018: July: nachtspeicher23, Hamburg
2017: October: Haugar kunstmuseum, Tønsberg
2017: May: Spanien 19c, Århus
2015: February: Samisk kunstnersenter, Karasjok
2014: November: Podium, Oslo
2014: May: Gallery van Bau, Vestfossen
2013: June: No Place Gallery, Oslo
2013: March: ANX, Oslo
2011: June: Arendal Kunstforening, Norway
2011: April: Christiansands kunstforening
2010: June: Gallery Aferro, New Jersey, USA
2010: July: Galleri Ask, Åsgårdstrand
2009: November: Gallery Pictura, Lund, Sweden
2009: November: Oudeis, France

Group exhibitions
2018: October: Planned Futures, Kiel, Germany
2018: October: Somos, Berlin
2018: October: Soundart-exhibition, Marl, Germany
2018: October: Haugar kunstmuseum, Tønsberg
2017: May: Second Research Pavilion, Venice
2017: May: WRO International Media Art Biennale, Poland
2017: March: Kunsthal 45 in Den Helder, the Netherlands
2017: February: Norske grafikere, Oslo
2016: September: Rixc, Riga
2016: May-September: Global Village, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark
2016: May: Studio 17, Stavanger
2016: April: Space/Time, Berlin, Germany
2016: February: Fokus videokunstfestival, Nikolaj kunsthal, København
2016: January: Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
2015: November: 28 Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille, France
2015: August: ISEA
2015, Vancouver, Canada
2015: June: Tritongatan 5, Gøteborg
2015: June: Kunstmuseet i Nord-trøndelag
2015: June: Land-Shape, Århus, Denmark
2015: May: Vårutstillingen, Fotogalleriet
2014: October: ISCM 2014, WRO Art Center, Wroclaw, Poland
2014: October: ISEA 2014, Dubai
2014: October: Triennial Art – Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014: October: Høstutstillingen, Oslo
2014: September: Bristol Biennial 2014, England
2014: June: Only Connect, Oslo
2014: May: Bucuresti Biennale 2014, Romania
2014: January: Haugar kunstmuseum, Tønsberg
2013: September: Trøndelagsutstillingen, Trondheim
2013: May: Vestfossen art collection
2013: May: WRO International Media Art Biennale, Poland
2012: October: Boa open, Oslo
2012: File Festival: Hipersonica, Rio, Brasil
2012: February: Transmediale, Berlin
2011: September: Trøndelagsutstillingen, Trondheim
2011: May: “Keep an ear on…”, EX3, Firenze, Italy
2011: April: ISCM, Zagreb
2011: March: Haugar Museum of Art, Tønsberg
2010: April: Mata Festival, New York, USA
2009: September: Expo Leeds, Leeds, England
2009: August: Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Svolvær
2009: February: Newspeak, Babel, Trondheim
2009: January: Sound-exhibition, NMK, Lydgalleriet, Bergen
2008: November: NOTAM Soundart exhibition, Henie Onstad, Oslo
2008: October: Emerging Video Artists, Cheekwod Museum of Art, USA
2008: October: In Transition Russia, St. Petersburg & Ekaterinburg
2008: June: Vårutstilling, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo
2007: February: “Trøndelagsutstillingen,” TSSK
2006: “Høstutstillingen,” Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Video screenings
2017: October: Simultan 2017, Romania
2017: September, Podium, Oslo
2015: December: Espacio Enter 2015, Canary Islands
2015: November: Open Video, Space 4235, Genova, Italia
2015: April: Mata Festival, New York
2013: September: Baustelle/Schaustelle, Essen, Germany
2012: December, Rencontres Interntionales, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
2012: December, Groven`s organ house, Oslo
2012: File, Hipersinoca, Sao Paolo, Brazil
2012: May, Oodaaq Festival, Rennes, France
2012: March: Oslo Screen Festival
2011: September: News-screen, Newcastle, UK
2011: January: File, Brazil
2010: November: Cinesonika, Toronto, Canada
2010: March: Mainsdoeuvres, Paris
2010: February: Kurye-video, Istanbul
2009: December: Kunstfilmtag 09, Düsseldorf, Germany
2009: November: V.I.P Gallery, Beograd
2009: October: TAG, Hague, Netherlands
2009: October: Duration, London
2009: September: ISCM: Växjö, Sweden
2009: June: X Media Forum of Moscow Film Festival, Russia
2009: May: Bandits Mages, France
2008: December: F.R.I.K Skopje, Macedonia
2008: November: Pixel Pops, Krannert Museum of Art, USA
2008: October: Oslo Screen Festival, Cinemateket
2008: August: Videoholica, Varna, Bulgaria
2008: August: File Hipersonica, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2008: June: Backup Award, Weimar, Germany
2008: May: Transhift 08, Knoxville, USA
2007: June: “Loop`07,” Barcelona
2007: April: “Kurzfilmsalon 1.1,” Wienna, Austria

2013: July: Past present future archive, Galleri Sverdrup, Oslo
2011: July: Strangers in Paradise, Lillehammer E-6
2011: April: Memoirs of a Breadman, Blackbox, Oslo
2009: June: Memoirs of a Breadman: Ellis Iland, Podium, Oslo
2008: December: Strangers in Paradise, Fotogalleriet, Oslo
2008: November: Strangers in Paradise, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen
2007: August: Memoirs of a Breadman, Akapulco, Atelier Nord, Oslo

2018: “Videokunstarkivet,” Punkt Ø, Moss
2013: “The limits of my language means the limits of my world,” Plattform Stockholm
2009:“Nature is what surrounds us,” KunstVerket, Kabuso & Nordnorsk kunstnersenter

Art Collections
2017: Haugar kunstmuseums samling
2006: Vestfossen kunstlaboratorium: "1986-2013 An artist collecting art

Composisions and Concerts
2018: June: Decoder -ensemble, Klang Festival, Copenhagen
2018: January: Performance13, Gøteborg
2017: September: Das kapitalistische Ausland, Oslo
2017: August: Space/Time, Berlin
2014: September: Ultima,Oslo
2014: March: ISCM 2014, Wroclaw, Poland
2014: June: Only Connect, Oslo
2013: June: Only Connect festival, Oslo
2012: October: Notam, Oslo
2012: July: Toronto, Canada 2012: Feburary: Ilios Festival, Sortland, Norway
2012: February: Duo Hevans, Huddersfield, England
2012: January: Mira Benjamin, Sound of Mu, Oslo
2011: December: Duo Havens, Oslo
2011: October: Vigeland Mausoleum, Oslo
2011: August: Northern Breeeze, London
2011: July: NMK-konsert, Tøyenkontoret
2011: March: Bit20, Borealis, Bergen
2010: November: Oslo Solistensemble, Litteraturhuset, Oslo
2010: September: NuMusic festival, stavanger
2010: September: Nordic Music Days, Copenhagen
2009: August: Oslo Sinfonietta, Oslo Chambermusic Festival, Oslo
2008: November: Oslo Sinfonietta, Oslo
2008: October: Ultima, Oslo
2008: August: UNM, Oslo, Norway
2008: June, Cikada, Oslo
2007: December, IREM, Lisboa
2007: Desember: Griegileum, “Musikk i Brennpunktet,” NRK, P2
2007: October, Ultima, Oslo
2007: September: UNM, Reykjavik, Iceland
2007: 14. April: “Washingtin,” composition for Trønderlag theater
2006: 12. December “Piipshow IX,” Oslo
2006: 13. May: “Sivertsen & Haugen,” Sound of Mu, Oslo
2005: 29. September: “Pradadada,” Chambermusic festival of Trondheim
2005: 3. – 10. September: UNM, Helsinki
2005: 20. August: “Hundred-Year-Celebration”, Tromsø
2005: 11. May: “Klubb Kanin,” Theater Avant Garden
2005: 10. April: Livestreaming to Pixelache, Helsinki
2004: 20. October: Garage, Oslo
2004: 14. October: “Sivertsen & Haugen,” Trondheim Matchmaking
2004: 20. November: Theater Avant Garden, Trondheim
2003: 11. October: Trondheim Matchmaking
2003: 26. June: ” piipshow 03,” Gallery 21.26, Oslo

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