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Norum Sæther, Christian Tony

Oslo has not always had the best attitude to the legacy of Edvard Munch, and in 1960, his beautiful Swiss villa at Ekely was torn down. In the summer of 2018, Norum presented a large canvas depicting Munch’s old house, placed facing the sea, during an art festival in Hvitsten. He even positioned some of his paintings on the seashore itself, exposed to the elements; in the same way that Munch carelessly handled his own art. In the autumn of 2016, Norum took over the Munch museum during the exhibition with Munch and Asger Jorn. During a 10-day stunt, in the best Jorn tradition, he invited his artist colleagues to exhibit and perform, while he himself showed his paintings in the museum’s lecture hall, surrounded by Munch’s monumental murals.

Norum wanted to break from the art world based conventions he had followed since graduating from the Academy of Art in Oslo in 2012. His early background was as a street artist, giving him an ability to expand boundaries when it comes to creating happenings in public spaces, or in his collaborations with other artists such as Andrea Bakketun. In Norum’s flowing and expressive use of form and colour, he mirrors the exploratory practice of modern painting, but his art is also explicit in showing the avant-garde’s will to escape the narrow confines of the gallery space, and enter the street where people roam.

Kari J. Brandtzæg, curator, Munchmuseet.

Member of NBK og UKS

Nbk.norum 48
Chanting Chirping etc.
Img 6058
Cat bear fizz from the air.Manifesta 11.Zurich 1857 Gallery.With Petter Ballo,Pablo Castro and 1857.2016.Performance,dimensional variable.Ch.Norum
Salta bambolina. Roma Contemporary arena. with Petter Ballo. Macro testaccio
 mg 7159
The artist the curator the collected and the spirit of art. Galleri K and the Munch Museum

Planned projects and exhibitions

Kunsthall Oslo


2010-12 MA Billedkunst, Statens kunstakademi, Oslo 2007-10 BA Billedkunst, Statens kunstakademi, Oslo
2018 Triumph Gallery, Moscow, RU
The National Gallery, Oslo, NO
Oslo Kunstforening, NO
Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, NO
2017 Galleri K, The Oceans Blue Dots in the Black Backdrop, Oslo, NO Edvard Munchs House in Warnemunde, DE
QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
2016 Chanting Chirping (Chiroptera) All Clamoring Elevator Dings, The Munch Museum, Oslo, NO Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich for 1857 Gallery, Manifesta 1I, Biennale for Contemporary Art, CH Edvard Munch ́s Ekely, Black holes in state of minds, Oslo, NO
2015 Edvard Munch ́s studio at Ekely, I ́m living in history, Alle tiders Kunst, NO
Performance at 1857 Gallery, Driving a Bus to Theodor Kittelsens house in Hvitsten, NO Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, NO
Trafo Kunsthall, Asker, NO
Bærum Kulturhus, Akershus, NO
2014 Det blir spilt gramofon på veien. Edvard Munch ́s Ekely, Oslo, NO
The forest is the most holy place. You can hear the pope from Rome, Røgden bruk, Finnskogen, NO
2013 The dog with the dirty hands. Landings project space, Arena Vestfossen, Buskerud, NO ! I can see for miles and miles, Noplace, Oslo, NO
2019 Kunsthall Oslo, Rogaland Kunstnersenter, duoutstilling med Herman Mbamba.
2018 Kunsthall Oslo, NO, Labor Gallery, Cologne, DE, Juleutstillingen, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo NO 2017 Juleutstillingen, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, NO
Sleuths of time travel poetry, 2025 Gallery, Hamburg, DE
Wildlife sculpture park, NO
2016 Steinnedleggelsesseremoni, performance with Marianne Heier, Morten Krohg and Marthe
Ramm Fortun, The Munch Museum, Oslo, NO
Hvitsten Art walk, Hvitsten salong, NO
New talents biennale Cologne, iD new talents, Cologne, DE
2015 Oslo kunstforening, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB art price (winner), NO
Open video, Space 4235, Genova, IT
Grafikkavdelingen visning av utvalg A. Jorn og yngre kunstnere, Kunstnerforbundet Teletext on TV in DE, CH and AUS, Ars Electronica Center, Linz, AUS
Ulving kunsthandel, Åsgårdstrand, NO
Pink Cube, Oslo, NO
Trafo Kunsthall, Asker, NO
The Prague Quadrennial of Performance, Design and Space, Prague, CZ
Galleri LNM, Independent bird on canvas abstracted by a poetic world, Oslo, NO Oslo Rådhus, Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo, NO
Papay Gyro Nights International Art Festival, Hong Kong and Orkney Islands, UK Performance with Frog King, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Art Basel, Hong Kong Tilfældet Oslo, Ringsted Galleri, DK
2014 Vector Oslo, Essay collection, Release at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo and MoMA PS1, New York Art Book Fair, NY
Born 1980. Lives and works in Oslo
2010-12 MA Billedkunst, Statens kunstakademi, Oslo 2007-10 BA Billedkunst, Statens kunstakademi, Oslo
2018 Triumph Gallery, Moscow, RU
Descend along my eyelashes, UKS, Oslo, NO
Fluxus Autonomus, Theodor Kittelsens house, Hvitsten, NO Tunnelsyn, Trafo kunsthall, Asker, NO
Reisebrev mangesteds fra, performance with A. Bakketun & S.L. Haaland, Tidene rundt Kristianiabohemen, C.Krohg Gl. Strand, Copenhagen, DK
Billedhuggerforeningen, Oslo, NO
2013 Malmö Nordic, Malmö konsthall, SE
Touristification, when the storm wallows around the house, (A) Void Gallery, Prague, CZ Unge inviterte, Galleri LNM, Oslo, NO
De ureelle enemerker, Røgden bruk, Finnskogen, NO
The Bathers at Edvard Munch ́s house, Ramme Gaard, Hvitsten, NO
Colomborama, W17, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, NO
Papay Gyro Nights, International Contemporary Art Festival, Orkney Islands, UK
2012 Salta Bambolina, Dogs from Caracas, curated by 1857, Kaleidioscope Artfair, Contemporary Arena, Macro Testaccio, Rome, IT
Milli Vanilli, Grünerløkka Kunsthall, Oslo, NO
Circus Caracas Cerberus, Høstutstillingen på Oslo S, Kunsthall Oslo, NO
Gavu Cheb Museum, Prague, CZ
BOA Open, Galleri BOA, Oslo, NO
Stranda Kunstforening, NO
MA Degree show, Statens kunstakademi, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, NO 7. Berlin biennale, Berlin, DE
Calma Maria Magdalena,18 st. Artcenter, Los Angeles, USA
Galleri Premiss, Bergen, NO
Watercolors injection flouit of the soul, The Royal Academy, Copenhagen, DK Comandante brutale, Tidens krav, Oslo, NO
Word perfect, Noplace, Oslo, NO
2011 Hope u guess my name uhm uhm, Mejan, The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, SE Paralellaksjonen, Kunsthall Oslo, NO
Slumdogs not millionaires, Noplace, Oslo, NO
The instinct of collaboration, One star press, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, NO Stribsenberg collection of modern art, curated by Christian T. Norum. UKS, Oslo, NO Ghost Finger, Tidens Krav, Oslo, NO
The institute of social hypocrisy, Oslo, NO
Vamos ala playa, Podium, NO
More Pricks than Kicks, Galleri Mymälä, Helsinki, FI
2010 Prosjektrommet P0, Curated by Dag Erik Elgin and Trude Iversen, Oslo, NO Skulpturbiennalen, Det geografiske oppmåling, Oslo, NO
Salong 2010, Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, NO
Mums and Dads, Curated by Annika Strøm, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, NO
BA Degree show, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Tullinløkka Kunsthall, Oslo Spring 2010 Oil on wood, Dortmund Bodega, Oslo, NO
Nasjonalgalleriet i solnedgang, Tullinløkka, In relation to Untuned Bell by AK. Dolven, Oslo
Degenerert kunst! High and luv, Sungam Noty Gallery Tjuvholmen, Oslo, NO
2009 Onestarpress, Release of artist book: Hunting Cabochon, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO
Multiple stress press, Museum of Contemporary art, Oslo, NO
Hotch Potch, MKII in Hackney, London, UK
Are Blytt and Declan Rooney curate something nice, Kunstprojects, Berlin, DE
You know these days painted by umbrellas, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, NO Hotch potch, Oslo Open, Oslo, NO
Floating island excerpts, Curated by Christian Tony Norum, (Venice Biennale) Venice, IT The ongoing show, Curated by Christian Tony Norum, Paris, FR
Cryptocrystalline, Die Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL
2018 Arts Council Norway, 3 year work grant 2016 Ingrid Lindbäck Landgaards stipend
Arts Council Norway, 2 year work grant for young artists Arts Council Norway, Project grant
Arts Council Norway, Exhibition grant
2015 Sparebankstiftelsen (DNB) Artprice, Oslo Kunstforening NBK, BKV, Work grant
The Norwegian embassy in Bejing, Travel grant
2014 Ingrid Lindbäck Langaard stipend. Kulturaadet prosjektstøtte
NBK, BKV, Work grant
2013 International support, OCA
2012 BKH grant
2010 and 2012 Grant on completion of art studies, Norwegian Arts Council
2016 The Munch Museum, Chanting Etc, Oslo, NO
2015 Edvard Munch ́s Ekely, Menneskeberget, Oslo, NO
2014 Skogul Gondul, videoprogram composed in collaboration with Andrea Bakketun, for Papay
Gyro Nights, Orkney Islands and Hong Kong
2010 Henrik Plenge Jackobsen ́s collection, Curated by Christian Tony Norum, with Matias
Faldbakken, Stephan Dillemuth, Henrik Plenge Jackobsen and Karl Holmquist amongst ! others, Oslo, NO
Edvard Munchs house in Warnemunde, DE
Edvard Munchs Ekely, Skøyen, Oslo, NO
Moly Sabata Foundation Albert Gleizes. Sablons, FR Villa Moderne, Paris, FR Papay Gyro Nights Orkney Islands, UK
2017 Et Rockeliv, critique by Stian Gabrielsen, Kunstkritikk
Open letter to Oslo Kommune, Morgenbladet
2016 Det umulige blir mulighet, critique Kunstnerforbundet, by Tommy Ohlsson, Klassekampen
Bartenders behind the painting, Munch Museum report, Mariann Enge, Kunstkritikk
Kommende: Tingenes kretsløp, by Tine Semb, Billedkunst 2015 Med inspirasjon fra Munch, article, Heidi Borud, Aftenposten
Artist Portrait, Magasinet KUNST
Tar opp arven fra Munch’s grafikktradsjon, Heidi Borud, Aftenposten De nye arkivarene, Line Ulekleiv, Klassekampen
Kunstnerportrett og intervju av Are Blytt, Kunstforum
Christian Tony Norum Sæther at Edvard Munch ́s Ekely, Kunstkritikk
2014 Fantasifulle kulisser, critique Descend along my eyelashes, by Kjetil Røed, Aftenposten 2013 Tilfældet Oslo, represented in article by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Kunstkritikk
Artist portrait, Amica magazine, Milano
2012 20 Ma exibitions, critique by Stian Gabrielsen, Kunstkritikk
Art Spaces, represented in the article Slumdogs not millionaires, New Museum, New york 24 Spaces, A Cascophy at Malmø Konsthall, Contemporary Art Daily
Queen Sonja Art award, MS Hurtigruta Roald Amunsen, The first Hybrid crus ship.
The National Museum, Oslo, NO The Nationalgallery, Oslo, NO Storebrand Art Collection, NO Private collections, NO
The Norwegian Bank, NO Kistefoss Museet, NO

Open on: Saturday


Jarlsborgveien 14, 0379 Oslo



7 th. Soloexhibition at Edvard Munch s Ekely 17april-30april. 1200-1500.