27 & 28 April 2019

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Grønlien, Anders

Painting, drawing, installation, screenprinting

The work of the Norwegian artist Anders Grønlien ranges from painting and drawing to complex installations combining sculpture, sound and light effects, and special-effects makeup. His installations sometimes serve as backdrops to performances, most recently in Spirit World Rising (2016).
Grønlien’s versatile approach is marked by continuous narratives whose imagery is inspired by romantic and fantasy tropes.
Grønlien himself cites a wide range of references, from art history and film to mythology, folklore, science-fiction, archaeology, mysticism and occultism. ‘Actually, I see all of these topics as existing in the one and same visual realm, as I let my referential material come to me intuitively from a free form of interest and research’, he explains.
(excerpt from catalogue Neue Schwarze Romantik)

Elevation installation view
Elevation (Marmolina, trekonstruksjon, ledlys, akryl som vist ved La Fragua Artist Residency 2012
Anders grønlien  don’t go chasing waterfalls 3844
Waterfalls / lydinstallasjon og silketrykk innebygget i utstillingsarkitektur / Futura centre for contemporary art, Praha 2018
002 9435
Spirit World Rising / gesamtkunstwerk, Galerie Kostka/ Meetfactory, Praha, 2016
Rainbow boa
Rainbow Boa /Acrylic on canvas / 130 x 115 cm / 2015-2017

Planned projects and exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions 2019

Lantschaft, travelling group exhibition curated by Christoph Tannert

- Galerie Alte schule adlershof, Berlin, Germany

- Kunstsammlung Neubrandenburg, Neubrandenburg, Germany



Anders Grønlien

Lives and works in Oslo, Norway and Córdoba, Spain

Email: mail@andersgronlien.com

Homepage: www.andersgronlien.com


2003 -2009 MFA, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU), Czech Republic

(2007-2009) Studio of Painting II / Doc. Vladimir Skrepl & Jiri Kovanda)

(2003-2007)Studio of Conceptual Art / Prof. Miloš Šejn)

2000-2002 Strykejernet Artschool, Oslo

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Don´t go chasing waterfalls Futura Centre of Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic

2016 Spirit world Rising II, Galerie Papirna, Plzen, Czech Republic w/ Anezka Hoskova

2016 Spirit world Rising Galerie Kostka, Meetfactory, Prague w/ Anezka Hoskova

2016 Janus, w/ Prins Preben, Noplace, Oslo

2014 Set adrift on a memory bliss Ullensaker Kunstforening /Galleri Jessheim, Norway

2014 Prophecies of daydreaming w/ Ivan Izquierdo, Combo, Cordoba, Spain

2013 Return to the bottomless pool of Mnemosyne, feat. Next Life, Final Club, Prague, Czech Republic

2013 Anders Grønlien, Galleri 19, Nordstrand/ Oslo, Norway

2012 Morning of the mystical forest potion Berlinskej model, Prague, Czech Republic

2012 Walk around the mountain 3 times and the night will be yours w/ Marie Hladikova, Galerie Chodovska Tvrz, Prague, Czech Republic

2011 The reminiscence of some delusional myth La Fragua/ The Forge artist residency, Belalcazar, Cordoba, Spain

2011 Hope on distant shores Underbelly, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

2010 Nature Spells AM180 gallery Prague, Czech Republic

2010 Phantom vision Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway

2009 Darkthrone / motus animi caecus, w Michael Gimenez, Galerie Stredoceske Kraj (GASK), Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

2009 Illuminated Hideout w/ Michael Gimenez, ETC galerie, Prague, Czech Pepublic

2009 Warp Exit w/ Michael Gimenez, Entrance Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 Year Future w/ Michael Gimenez, Meetfactory, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 Hyperspace Module,w/ Michael Gimenez, Galerie AVU, Prague, Czech Republic

2007 F1 Phanerothyme, Galerie AM 180, Prague, Czech Republic

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2018 New Black Romanticism, exhibition organized by Kunstlerhaus Bethanien

Topičův Salon, Prague, Czech Republic

Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn and Taxis in Bregenz, Austria

Gallery of the City of Backnang, Germany

2017 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

Stadtgalerie Kiel, Germany

National Museum of Art in Buchurest, Romania

2017 Le Merveilleux, Abbaye Royal du Moncel, Pontpoint, France

2015 Samana Ztrata music festival, (performance) Jicin, Czech republic

2015 Let´s not and say we did AM180 at Supermarket artfair, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 Centrum M6, Urban pangean people, Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic

2014 Scale, Small Scale, Raum 3.6. Münster, Germany

2013 Parallel Worlds Eglise St Marry, Paris, France

2013 Global Locals Galerie NTK, Prague, Czech Republic

2012 Twilight Zone Dortmund Bodega, Oslo, Norway

2011 Pseudo Science Galerie NTK, Prague,Czech Republic

2010 Acteurs Autonomes Glassbox/hors sol, Teathre Cité université, Paris, France

2010 Started 10´ Galerie Klatovy Klenova, Czech Republic

2010 Scandinaiva AM180 Collective / Supermarket artfair, Stockholm, Sweden

2009 Start Point 2009, Galerie Klatovy/Klenova, Czech Republic

2009 Diplomanti AVU MFA Degree show, National Gallery, Veletrzni Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 INTRO 518 TEĎ 69 TEĎ* TEĎ 180 BONUS Q TRACK!, Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic

2007 Heartland ,Alagon Gallery, Chicago, USA

2006 The Great fall, Galerie NOD, Prague, Czech Republic

2005 Høstutstillingen 2005 Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norge

2005 Baumraum , Kunstwerein Weiden, Weiden, Germany

2005 Members Club Prøverommet, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway

Grants/ Prizes / Awards

2014 EEA grants Spain, project grant in collaboration with La Fragua Artist residency

2013 Bildende Kunstneres Vederlagsfonds stipend (1 year)

2013 Music Norway, management grant for the participation of Norwegian musicians at Creepy Teepee

2013 I.L. Langaards stiftelse (6 month residency at Cité international des arts in Paris)

2012 Project Grant from Norwegian Arts Council for the exhibition Twilight Zone at Dortmund Bodega

2011 Exhibition Grant Vågå kommune

2010 Nomination for Startpoint Award 2009, Honarablemention / residency award

2005 Studio Award, Studio of conceptual tendencies (prof. Milos Sejn), Academy of fine art Prague

Artist in Residence

2014 La Fragua Artist residency, Convento Santa Clara, Belalcazar, Cordoba, Spain

2013 Cité des arts international, Paris France

2011 La Fragua artist residency, Convento Santa Clara, Belalcazar, Cordoba, Spain

2010 Galerie Klatovy Klenova, Czech Republic

2010 Glassbox/Hors sol, Cite Université Internationale, Paris, France

Curatorial projects / Project coordination

2015 The New Catholicism, Karen Nikgol, Combo, Cordoba

2014 Delicate Matter, Tommy Høvik & Pablo Capitan del Rio, Combo, Cordoba.

2014 Dust is going to settle, Natalie Hausler & Fernando M. Romero, Combo, Cordoba

2013 Kurator for norwegian musicians at the musicfestival Creepy Teepee in Kutna Hora Czech

Republic, (Next Life, Noisestar and the fall of Rome)

2012 Projectcoordinator for the exhibition Twilight Zone på Dortmund Bodega i Oslo with artist

from AM180 Collective in Prague (Jakub Hosek (CZ), Nik Timkova (SK), Vit Svoboda (CZ).

(inkludert konserter med Next Life og Camp Sounds)

2012 Tracking Shot / Emilie Schalck (FR) galerie AM180, Praha Tsjekkia

2007 Project Heartland , groupshow as collaboration between students from School of the art

Institute of Chicago (SIAC) / Academy of fine arts prague (AVU, Praha)

2006 curator and project coordinator for The Great Fall at Galerie NOD, Prague, Czech Republic

In collaboration with Members Club, (Linn A. Pedersen, Monica Winther, Kjersti Wetterstad,Sveinung Unneland.)

Other relevant experience

2018 Freelance Technician at Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, Norway

2015- 2018 Freelance Technician at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Bærum, Norway

2014 Founder, technician, curator and maintence at Combo, Cordoba, Spain

2012 Guest lecturer at the Academy of art architechture and design in Prague (VSUP),

2011 Guest lecturer and workshop at Artmill / Centre for creativity and sustainability,

Horazdovice, Czech Republic

2010 Guest lecturer, department for experimental media, Prague College

2008-2009 Name, concept-developement and visual design for the musicfestival Creepy Teepee in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

2008 Artist talk m/ Michael Gimenez at “Multiastronomy” Praha astronomical observatory

2007-2008 Administrator for the prosjectspace “CSpace / Bořivojova 49”, Prague, Czech Republic

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Storgata 19, 0184 Oslo
Kirkeristen / Oslo S



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