27 & 28 April 2019

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Wood, Allyce


My artwork is an investigation of shared online and offline experiences, media consumption, authorship, and how we participate in web-culture. I use digital and handmade processes to make installations with a focus on digital Jacquard tapestries. I seek material processes that can mediate between traditional and computerized technologies, offering a way to combine these ideas into something tangible. When so much of my life is connected to the screen, I feel as though I am conditioned to be a receiver.

Allyce wood known touch digital jacquard tapestry 2018 110cm x 95cm
Known Touch
Allyce wood osb floaters manually woven digital jacquard tapestry with embroidery 2018
OSB Floaters
Allyce wood known hand digital jacquard tapestry installation 2018 low standards
Known Hand
Allyce wood right facing skull digital jacquard tapestry with embroidery 2018
Right Facing Skull

Planned projects and exhibitions

‘I hear Mariachi Static on the Radio’ group exhibition pop-up at Slurpen, Oslo
‘Cabin Economy Contemporary / Sailing Stormy Waters’ group exhibition with OCG
Akershus Kunster group exhibition in 2019


b. 1988 in Seattle, USA
lives and works in Oslo, Norway


2018 Masters of Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts / Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (KHiO)
2017 KUNO Course, ‘Construction and Context’, Universitetet i Bergen, Bergen (UIB)
2010 Bachelors of Fine Art, Cornish College of the Arts (2nd in class with honors)
2009 Study Exchange, ‘Environmental Sculpture’, Glasgow School of Art


2018 Known Hand, Low Standards, Oslo, Norway
2018 Semi Set Vertical Blue, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz
2017 For your energy with Jessica Brouder, Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway
2017 Digital, physical, as a shadow still, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2017 Guests here or not?, Reception Gallery KHiO, Oslo
2015 ppp :tec tci eee rpv .nte with Pete Fleming, White Cube at KHiO, Oslo
2015 That which hovers, that which is ice, SOIL Artist Run Gallery, Seattle
2014 Shear / Moment with Celeste Cooning, Axis Pioneer Square, Seattle
2014 Meanderboard with Diana Lindberg, SOIL Artist Run Gallery, Seattle
2014 Transitory: Constructs / Environs with Pete Fleming, Storefronts Bellevue, Bellevue
2013 Latent Utility: Present but not Active Worth, SOIL Artist Run Gallery, Seattle
2013 Plantbodies, Indicators and Reactors with Ryan Aragorn, SOIL Artist Run Gallery, Seattle
2013 Encroaching Botany, Alumni Gallery at Cornish College of the Arts. Seattle
2012 Of the Carcass, The OK Hotel, Seattle
2011 turf (a reenacted drawing), Violet Strays, Seattle
2010 Re-admittance to Nature with Eddy Dughi, SPACE, Seattle


2018 Traust, MFA Exhibiton, Khio, Oslo, Norway
2018 Spring Depot, Tenthaus Oslo, Oslo, Norway
2017 Silent Party, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway
2017 tour tourist, neutral new, Oslo Ø, Oslo, Norway
2017 Moan, Khio, Oslo
2017 Lucky Dip, Atelier Concord, Lisbon
2017 Nove Sed Non Nova, Vandaler Forening, Oslo
2016 We Need to Talk, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2016 A Collective Psychogeographical Guide to Oslo, The Drawing Biennale, Oslo
2016 Gruppeutstilling #2, Lager 008, Oslo
2015 1 4 , 8 × 2 1, The Academy of Fine Art, Oslo
2015 From the Artists Eye, The Museum of Northwest Art, Seattle
2015 Cold Cube 001, Glass Box Gallery, Seattle
2014 Take 3, The Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
2014 Summer Field Studies, The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
2014 Heaven on Earth: Above as Below, CoCA at Carkeek Park, Seattle
2014 // Sightlines, Steele Gallery, Seattle
2013 Connected, Cuchifritos Gallery, New York
2013 Vessel as the Human Form: Humanity, Vessel Gallery, Oakland
2013 Concerns for the Environment, Vessel Gallery, Oakland
2013 Outside the Box, LxWxH, Seattle
2012 Small Voids, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Oakland
2012 Nepo 5K, Nepo House, Seattle
2012 Old Ghost Ranges, Sunken Rivers Come Again, The Cornish Main Gallery, Seattle
2012 Contemplating Nature, SAM Gallery, Seattle
2012 Texture of Being, Cullum Gallery, Seattle
2012 Red Current (sweet fruit), Roq La Rue, Seattle
2012 Ink On Paper, Paper Hammer, Seattle
2012 Woven Through Time, Vessel Gallery, Oakland
2011 Prospects, Steele Gallery, Seattle
2011 Mad Homes Away From Homes, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle
2011 Messa A Fuoco (To Put in Focus), Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan
2011 Introductions, SAM Gallery, Seattle
2011 It’s All Good, Catherine Person, Seattle
2010 VS The Matador, SOIL Artist Run Gallery, Seattle
2010 Tenfold, Catherine Person, Seattle
2010 BFA Show, Cornish College of the Arts. Seattle
2010 30days30artworks, The Vic Assembly, Glasgow
2009 Sosaku Hanga, Kobo at Higo, Seattle


2018 Diversestipend For Nyutdannede Kunstnere, Arts Council Norway
2015 Spring City Art Walk Award, granted by City Arts Magazine
2014 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP), granted by Artist Trust
2014 CityArtist Award, granted by Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
2013 Presidents Scholarship, granted by Cornish College of the Arts
2008 The Kreiselheimer Scholarship, granted by the Kreiselheimer Foundation
2008 Presidents Scholarship, granted by Cornish College of the Arts
2007 The Kreiselheimer Scholarship, granted by the Kreiselheimer Foundation
2007 Presidents Scholarship, granted by Cornish College of the Arts
2006 The Nellie Award, granted by Cornish College of the Arts
2006 President’s Scholarship, granted by Cornish College of the Arts


2015 Small Po®tions 5, published by Small Po®tions, Seattle
2015 Issue 2 // Poetry, published by Duende Literary, Plainfield
2015 Cold Cube 001, published by Cold Cube Press, Seattle
2014 Meanderboard, published by Las Injurias, Caracas
2014 Concrete Walls, published by Forage Press, London
2013 Yuck’n‘Yum Summer Edition, published by Yuck’n’Yum, Glasgow
2012 Yuck’n’Yum Winter Edition, published by Yuck’n’Yum, Glasgow
2012 Ink on Paper, published by Cornish College of the Arts and Marquand Books, Seattle
2010 The Albion Review, by the Albion College, by McNaughton and Gunn, Inc., Albion
2010 Smalls, published by Pilot Books, Seattle


2017 Artist Talk, INCA, Seattle
2015 The Social Impact of Public Art, The University of Washington, Seattle
2015 Collaborative Art Practices, Cornish College of Art, Seattle
2015 Exhibition Practices and Curation, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle
2014 Speck on Speck on Speck, The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
2014 Artist Toolkit: Artist Websites & Social Media, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle
2014 Meanderboard: Current Practice, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle
2013 Ecology, Geology, and Biology, Yardwork, Portland
2013 Art Hit Tour, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
2012 Professional Practice, The Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle
2011 Yacht Club, The Hedreen Gallery, Seattle
2011 Contemporary Art History, The Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle


Swedish Medical Center Issaquah Permanent Collection, Seattle
Saratoga Paper Company Collection of Fine Art, Seattle
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Permanent Collection, Seattle
Mary Alice Coolie Print Collection, Seattle
Cornish College of the Arts Life Drawing Collection, Seattle


2015 Sound Transit Art Program, Progression Grid, Sound Transit, Seattle
2013 Set the Table, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle
2012 Oceanic Art Beyond the Glass Box, Gauguin & Polynesia, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle


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​2018 – Current Member of CK2 Atelier
2017 – Current Member of Norske Kunsthåndverkere, Oslo
2015 Member of UKS, Oslo
2015 Member of Artist Trust, Seattle
2012 – 2015 Member of SOIL Artist Run Gallery, Seattle
2010 – 2014 Member of Printzero Studios, Seattle

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