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Aragón, Lucia

printmaking, drawing, wall painting

Lucia Cristerna Aragón is a visual artist who is influenced by her Mexican heritage and her current surroundings in Norway. She works primarily between the mediums of wall paintings, video projections, printed media and drawing, in which she questions the boundaries between socio political matters and the intangible myths and beliefs across cultures. Her artwork goes from intimate etchings as visual poetry to large scale wall paintings in public spaces.

Member of NBK, Norske Grafikere

Brunette heron detail
Brunnete heron (detail)
States of transition
States of transition
Brunette heron
Brunnete heron

Planned projects and exhibitions

2019 Duo exhibition at Tenthaus Oslo. (Oslo, Norway)
2019 Group exhibition at Tou Scene. (Stavanger, Norway)
2019 Olé Festival (Bologna, Italy)
2020 Group exhibition at the University of Glasgow. (Glasgow, United Kingdom)


2016 – 2018 Master Degree in Medium and Material Based Art. Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. (Oslo, Norway) 2009 – 2014 Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design. Universidad Iberoamericana. (Mexico City, Mexico) 2005 – 2007 Visual Arts at Interlochen Arts Academy. (Michigan, United States)

2018 Fresco course at the Mural Workshop in Atelier Lilleborg. (Oslo, Norway)
2013 – 2014 Printmaking at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. (Oslo, Norway)
2011 Experimental printmaking workshop at San Agustín Art Center. (Oaxaca, Mexico)
2007 Printmaking workshop at El Nigromante School of Art. (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico)
2004 & 2005 Advanced drawing summer Workshop at Interlochen Arts Camp. (Interlochen, United States) 2003 Mixed Techniques Workshop at José Limón School of Art. (Culiacán, Mexico)

2018 ‘Encounters’ at Galleri Ask. (Åsgårdstrand, Norway)
2013 ‘Jeg er Deg, Deg er Jeg’ at Seilduken Galleri. (Oslo, Norway)
2008 ‘De lo externo y lo interno’at Galeria de Arte Jóven. Sinaloa Cultural Center. (Sinaloa, Mexico) 2006 Student gallery. Interlochen Arts Academy. (Michigan, United States)

(currently) 2018 “Trykk” at Nils Aas Kunstverksted. (Inderøy,Norge)
2018 “Layout Mexico: Narratives of inconformity” at CEX Center of Experimentation and Critical Thinking. (Mexico City, Mexico)
2018 “New Mexican Drawing” at Mexikanisches Kulturinstitut, Mexican Embassy. (Vienna, Austria)
2018 ‘100 Women in the Visual Arts of Mexico’at Museo Regional del Valle del Fuerte. (Mexico)
2018 “Traust” Master graduation exhibition at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. (Oslo, Norway)
2018 ‘Disparate Harmonies’ as part of the Serendip Jazz Festival at Kulturhuset. (Oslo, Norway) 2018 ‘Frekvens vol.2’ hosted by Krause Kollektivet at Galleri Norske Grafikere. (Oslo, Norway)
2017 ‘Drawing with light’ at Resepsjon Galleri with Nina Krogh at KhiO. (Oslo, Norway)
2017 ‘Silent Party’ at Seilduken Galleri. (Oslo, Norway)
2017 ‘XVIII Life & death’ at Museo de Arte de Sinaloa. (Culiacán, Mexico)
2017 ‘Moan’ at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. (Oslo, Norway)
2017 ‘Walk the Line’ at Aalto University. (Helsinki, Finland)
2014 – 2015 ‘Creators in Movement’. FONCA Young Creators. National Council for Culture and the Arts. (Pátzcuaro, Mexico)
2014 ++ Galleri. Black Box Teater. (Oslo, Norway)
2012 ‘Life & death’ at Cultural Institute of Sinaloa. (Culiacán, Mexico)
ID Number: 08128827693
2009 ‘Forth Biennale Sylvia Pawa’ at Cultural Center México-Israel. (Mexico City, Mexico) 2008 – 2010 Alberto Misrachi Gallery. (Mexico City, Mexico)
2007 ‘Northwest Biennale’ at Museo de Arte de Sinaloa y Museo de Arte de Sonora. (Mexico) 2007 Corson Auditorium. Interlochen Arts Academy. (Interlochen, United States)
2007 ‘Thesis II’ Student Art Gallery. Interlochen Arts Academy. (Interlochen, United States) 2006 Regional Exhibition. (Traverse City, United States)
2005 – 2007 Student Gallery. Interlochen Arts Academy. (Interlochen, United States)
2004 Galería de Arte Jóven. Sinaloa Cultural Center. (Culiacán, Mexico)

2018 Diversestipend for Nyutdannede Kunstnere by the Norwegian Arts Council. (Norway)
2017 Horten kommunes kunstnerstipend. (Norway)
2014 Finalist at VNG Art Award. (Norway)
2013 – 2014 FONCA National Art Project Grant by the National Council for Culture and Arts. (Mexico)
2009 Honorable mention “Caminos de la libertad” Drawing Art Contest by Aztec Foundation. (Mexico)
2007 Painting Award. Interlochen Arts Academy. (United States)
2007 Printmaking Award by Interlochen Arts Academy. (United States)
2006 Painting Award. Interlochen Arts Academy. (United States)
2006 Honorable Mention at Traverse City Regional Exhibition. (United States)
2004 Second place at ‘Values of democracy’ Regional drawing juried contest. (Mexico)
2004 Third place at ‘Environment and natural resources’ Regional drawing juried contest. (Mexico)
2001 Third place at National drawing juried contest by the British Council. (Mexico)
1996 First place at ‘The Family’ Regional drawing juried contest. (Mexico)

2018 Printmaking summer workshop to ‘Warhol after Munch’. Kunsthall Oslo. (Oslo, Norway)
2018 Printmaking workshop to ‘Med lukkede øyne’ an exhibition by Munch & Gauguin. Munch Museum. (Oslo, Norway)
2017 Assistant for Ciudad Abierta collective, Pavilion of Hospitality. Documenta 14. (Kassel, Germany)
2017 Drawings & Graphic Design for the Ballet department research project. Dans, The Academy of Dance. Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. (Oslo, Norway)
2016 Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Once Rios Publishing House. (Culiacán, Mexico)
2015 Graphic Designer (Social Service) for National Institute of Antropology and History. (Mexico City, Mexico)
2011 Design and Illustrations for Colectivo 1050 & mexican artesans. MoMA Project: “Destination Mexico” at Museum of Modern Art. (New York, United States)
2010 Illustrator assistant for Bank of Mexico Children Book project. (Mexico)
2009 Illustrator for the Animation Studio ‘Los hijos de su madre’. (Mexico City, Mexico)

2016 Illustrations for ‘Los dones subterráneos’ Poetry book by Raúl Anibal Sánchez. Posdata Editores. (Mexico) 2015 Editorial design & illustrations for ‘Diccionario Infantil ilustrado’. Noriega House Publishing. (Mexico)
2014 & 2015 Illustrations for Gaceta Education Magazine. (Mexico)
2014 Illustrations for short stories Reading book SEP. (Mexico)
2013 Illustrations for Litteraturtidsskriftet Lasso. (Norway)
2013 Visual Artwork for EP ‘Spring rolls n’ mellow dip’ by DJ Pdang. (Norway)
2013 Illustrations for Print Oriented Bastards magazine. (United States)
2012 and 2016 Illustrations for Edimend House Publishing. (Mexico)
2012 Visual Artwork for EP ‘Heart like a rabbit’ by musician Cody Alan. (New York, United States) 2011 Illustrations for Adrede magazine vol. 1 to vol. 5. Universidad Iberoamericana. (Mexico)
2010 Illustrations for Fernández House Publishing. (Mexico)
2009 – 2014. Ilustrations for ‘DIDAC’ magazine vol. 54 – vol. 65. Universidad Iberoamericana. (Mexico)
2008 Illustrations for ‘The spider’s whisper’ poetry book by Inés Pujos. (United States)
2006 Illustrations for ‘The Interlochen review’ Vol. 20. (United States)
2004 Illustrations for ‘Punto y seguido’ magazine. Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa. (Mexico)

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