27 & 28 April 2019

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Stöckel, Erika

In my practice, I investigate a human, seemingly genderless body. A body that has its own consciousness but at the same time only act as a biological mass of cells. I am inspired by the precence of my own body in different situations – my body at the swim house, in the mirror or in bed.

Based on these thoughts, I make ceramic sculptures with organic shapes presented together in installations. The sculptures may seem to come from a fantasy world, but at the same time, they recall something physically within ourselves. I am fascinated by bodily details and hiding places like callus on the stomach, cellulites on the thighs, and sphincter like mouth and anus. These bodily forms inspire me and I transform them into independent sculptures.

Erika Stöckel, Potent(ial), acrylic one, pvc tube and wire, from the exhibition Materien, Situasjonen, Rammen at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, 2018
Erika Stöckel, Sweaty Sweets, ceramic and acrylic one, from the exhibition Materien, Situasjonen, Rammen at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, 2018
Erika Stöckel, Member #4, ceramic and plastic clay, 35x35 cm, from the exhibition Materien, Situasjonen, Rammen at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, 2018
Erika Stöckel, The Internal Ass Gang, ceramic, graduation show from Oslo Art Academy, Kunstnernes Hus, 2017

Planned projects and exhibitions

Exhibition at Galleri Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, March 2019
Participat at the biennial openART, Örebro, summer 2019


2015-2017 MFA, Oslo Academy of the Arts
2012-2015 BFA, Academy of Fine Arts Umeå
2013-2014 Erasmus Exchange, Vienna Art Academy
2010-2012 Idun Lovén Art School
2009-2010 Stockholm Art School

2018 Materien, Situasjonen, Rammen /Nordnorsk Kunstsenter/ Svolvær
2018 TALK / Akademirommet/ Oslo
2018 Love Letter to a Stranger /workshop with Kunst Vardo / Oslo
2018 Feminine Tripper/ Galleri MAP / Oslo
2017 MFA degree show/ Kunstnernas Hus / Oslo
2016 Plusspluss / Black Box /Oslo
2016 Ska vi göra nått äckligt baby/ KHIO / Oslo
2015 Open Academy/ KHIO/ Oslo
2015 100 T-shirts/ Kiruna Konstgille/ Kiruna
2015 BLING/ Alta/ Malmö
2015 BLINGBFA Degree show/ Galleriet/ Umeå
2015 My eyes are going crazy, I am trying to see something but there’s nothing here/
/Haapsalu Linnagalerii/ Estonia
2014 Passing/ Spokojna Gallery/ Warsaw
2014 The Gods have landed/ Gammlia/ Umeå
2014 Body Building/ Friday Exit/ Vienna

2018 Exhibition grant for Materien, Situationen, Rammen, Kulturrådet
2017 Grant for recently graduated artists, Kulturrådet
2017 Fredrika Bremers Förbundets studiestipendium
2016 Stiftelsen AAA-kulturfond
2015 Stiftelsen AAA-kulturfond
2015 Längmanska Kulturfonden
2014 Baltic foundation international scholarship
2012 The Foundation of Martin Waldenström

2018- Low Standards: a artist run gallery
2016- Mose: a eco-art platform (mosemose.no)
2013-2015 Trailer Gallery: mobile art gallery

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