27 & 28 April 2019

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Wanthiang, Apichaya

Painting, installation

Abstracting from motives such as flooding and loss the works are carriers of affects. My practice consists of dimly lit architectures containing videos and large scale landscape paintings. They are installed in a choreographed manner guiding visitors’ movements. I often work with darkness, different material textures and layered video imagery, aiming to create tactile spatial experiences that seem to slow time down, allowing lingering. Each work is a temporary scenography to conjure up presences. The intent is to call upon, capture and demystify what usually remains unspoken, the traumas we are born with, or the identity markers inscribed upon us.

Member of NBK, UKS, LNM

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Planned projects and exhibitions

Solo Projects

2020 Kristianssand Kunsthall, Kristianssand, Norway
2019 Heimdal Kunstforening, Heimdal, Norway

Group Exhibitions

2020 Et Kollektivt Kaosmos, by I. Madsen Følling & M. Li Stensrud, Oslo Kunsthal

Public Commisions

2020 Campus Ås og Senter for Husdyrforsøk for KORO



Date of Birth: 28/02/1987
Place of Birth: Bangkok (Thailand)
Nationality: BE/TH


2010/2012 Master in Fine Arts, KHIB, Academy of Fine Arts, Bergen, Norway
2006/2009 Bachelors in Visual Arts, Sint-Lukas Brussels, Belgium
2004/2006 Beeldende Vorming, Sint-Lukas Kunsthumaniora, Brussels, Belgium

Solo Projects

2020 (Upcoming) Kristiansand Kunsthall, Kristiansand, Norway
2019 (Upcoming) Heimdal Kunstforenening, Heimdal, Norway
2018 Evil Spirits Only Travels in Straight Lines, UKS, Oslo, Norway
2018 Driftwood and Ghost Hunters, LNM, Oslo, Norway
2017 While the Light Eats Away the Colors, Galleri 3,14, Bergen, Norway
2015 A Sudden Outburst of Laughter, Trykkeriet, Bergen, Norway
2014 still, a song, Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway
2014 Without Waiting For Her Reply (WWFHR), USF, Bergen, Norway
2012 Geography of A, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway
2010 Going Back From X into Minus, Martin van Blerk Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Collaborative Projects

2018/2019 (Upcoming) With Johnny Herbert at Louise Dany, Oslo
2018 31 Buildings with Cristian Stefanescu, HKS, Bergen (NO)
2017 Pilot-17 Years Cicada, with Ming Hwa Yeh, Taipei Perfoming Arts Center, Taiwan
2017 Practicing Receptivity, with J. Herbert at Louise Dany, Oslo
2017 Exhibition in Progress-Concrete is Stranger than Fiction with C. Stefanescu, HKS, Bergen (NO)
2017 B̂ān # 2 Counteracting WITH/FOR, JAM, Bangkok Thailand
2014 A Conversation pt.2-4, with N. Barnett & R. Nesbitt, Sober & Lonely, Joburg (ZA)
2014 A Conversation pt.1, with N. Barnett & R. Nesbitt, Atlantic Studios, Cape Town (ZA)

Public Commisions

2020 (Upcoming) Wall-based work/ Painting for KORO, Campus Ås / Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Group Exhibitions

2020 (Upcoming) Et Kollektivt Kaosmos, Kunsthall Oslo, Norway
2019 Olje og Begjaer, Blomgvist & QB galleri, Oslo Norway
2017 Oslo City Hall Studios, Oslo, Norway
2017 Stazioni Di Topolo 2017, The Unfolding, Topolo, Italy
2016 Roaming – UKS, Oslo, Norway
2016 Twofold Installation for Barents Spectakel, Kirkenes, Norway & Nikel, Russia
2015 Herfra, by J. Hestvold&B. Clementsen, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway
2015 Static Theatre: Those that have been left behind, BIT, Bergen, Norway
2013 Durative Ovelser organized by BEK, Kalfarlien 15, Bergen, Norway
2013 cooccur, prøverommet curated by Benedicte Clementsen, Knipsu, Bergen, Norway,
2012 65 Malerien, Bergenkjøtt, Bergen Norway
2012 A Ride Full of Traps, Graduation Show at Bergen Kunsthall, Norway
2012 Between the Four, F-blok Gallery, Bristol Engeland
2011 17 M.O.H exhibition, Bergenkjøtt, Bergen, Norway
2010 The Stolen Art Auction, VZW Machine, Gent, Belgium
2010 Canvascollectie at Bozar, Brussels, Belgium
2009 Don’t Know Whether I’m Coming or Going, EEA, Beelitz Heilstatten, Germany
2009 Final Bachelor Exhibition, City Hall Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium


2017 B-open Video Village, Screening program, Festplassen, Bergen Norway
2016 Cinema B-open, Screening program for B-open, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway
2015 If On a Winter’s Night, a Room, with Cristian Stefanescu, A-Works, Bergen, Norway
2014 I Love Your Manners Full of Deceit, KNIPSU, Bergen, Norway
2011 The Social Nature of Intuition, Galleri Fisk, at Tag Team and Premiss, Bergen, Norway
2011 Diffraction of the Social, Galleri Fisk, Premiss, Bergen, Norway


2016/2017 Oslo Rådhus, studio C allocation, 18 months
2015 BARinternational pt.2, Kirkenes, Norway & Nikel, Russia
2014 Sober and Lonely, Johannesburg, ZA
2014 BARinternational pt.1, Kirkenes, Norway & Nikel, Russia
2012 Artist in residency, Stazioni Di Topolo, Topolo, Italy
2009 EEA09, European Exchange Academy, Beelitz Heilstatten. Germany


2018 Assistant Professor in Painting, NTNU/KIT, Trondheim, Norway
2017 Guest teacher, NTNU/KIT, Trondheim, Norway
2016 Involved Urban Practice: Practice Models, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria
2016 Guest teacher: Source Materials, at NTNU/KIT, Trondheim, Norway
2015 Speculating on Art Education, hosted by Kungl. Konsthögskolan, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 Artist talk at Hacettepe University, Ankara Turkey
2015 Guest teacher, When Things Cast No Shadows, KHIB, Bergen Norway
2014 Assistant Professor in Painting, Fine Arts, KHIB, Bergen Norway
2014 Guest Advisor / Critics’s Round on the EEA14-G, Beelitz Heilstatten, Germany
2014 Guest teacher, Writing in Space-Spectatorship in Installations, KHIB, Bergen Norway
2014 Guest teacher at NTNU/KIT, Trondheim, Norway
2013 Guest teacher: Karusell – Introduction to painting, KHIB, Bergen Norway
2013 Guest teacher: Scale and its Unfolding (On Process), KHIB, Bergen, Norway
2012 Guest teacher: Painting on Paper, KHIB, Bergen, Norway

Relevant Work

2016 Scenography for Table Turns, Bøen & Sletteland
2015 video mixing for Static Theatre, BIT, Bergen, Norway
2014 Writing/Designing Ebooks for BEK, Bergen, Norway
2013 Assistant for fellowship researcher Ellen Røed, Galleri 3,14, Bergen, Norway
2013 Aspirant, One year internship at BEK, Bergen, Norway
2012 Assistant at BEK, Bergen Center for Elektronic Art, Bergen, Norway
2012 Technical assistant for Real Life Stories, Stenersen Kunst Museum, Bergen, Norway
2012 Assistant for Sol LeWitt retrospective at Museum ‘M’, Leuven, Belgium
2012 Co-coordinator of the Master Seminar, In-between Spaces, landmark, Bergen, Norway
2012 Organizing Monday Reading Group, KHIB, Bergen Norway
2011 Assistant for fellowship researcher Patrick Entian, Rom8, Bergen, Norway
2011 Assistant for Sarah Morris commissioned work at the Gulatin building, Bergen, Norway
2011 Co-coordinating between KHIB, Bergen & Norway and EEA, Beelitz, Germany
2011 Co-coordinator Lectures: Materialized<=>Dematerialized, KHIB, Bergen, Norway
2011 Assistant for fellowship researcher Patrick Entian, KHIB, Bergen, Norway
2011 Manager of student run Galleri Fisk, Bergen Norway


2018 NBK, Project funding for UKS solo show
2018/2019 NBK, Vederlagsfondet, 2 year working grant
2017 Arts Council Norway, Kunst og Ny Teknologi, Dwelling P(l)aces
2017 Bergen Kommune, Interdisciplinary Project with Sindre Sørensen, Dwelling P(l)aces
2017 NBK, Vederlagsfond, One year working grant
2017 Arts Council Norway, Project Funding, While the Light Eats Away at the Colors
2016/2017 Oslo Rådhus, studio C allocation, 18 months (ends June 2017)
2016 Arts Council Norway, Project Funding, Practice Models
2016 NBK, Project Funding, While the Light Eats Away at the Colors
2016 Bergen Kommune, Interdisciplinary Project with C. Stefanecu, Not By Ficion
2015 NBK, Projectfunding, Collaborative project with C. Stefanescu, Not by Fiction
2015 Bergen Kommune, Project Funding, All Digressions Aside
2015 Arts Council Norway, Art and New Technology, All Digressions Aside
2015 Arts Council Norway, Project Funding, A Sudden Outburst of Laughter
2015 NBK, Projectfunding, All Digressions Aside
2015/2016 Arts Council Norway, 2 year working grant for newly established artists
2015 UKS, Travel Funding for artistic research on Alternative Pedagogic Art Projects
2014 Bergen Kommune, International Exchange, A Conversation, the Pilot Edition
2014 NBK, Projectfunding, If On a Winter’s Night, a Room
2014 OCA, international support for A Conversation, the Pilot Edition
2014 Bergen Kommune, Profesjonelle kunst- og kulturtiltak – Elektronisk Kunst, WWFHR
2014 NBK, Vederlagsfond, One year working grant
2014 Bergen Kommune, Rask Response, I Love Your Manners Full of Deceit
2013 Arts Council Norway, Kunst og Ny Teknologi, WWFHR
2013 Bergen Kommune, Rask Response, Without Waiting for Her Reply(WWFHR)
2013 NBK, Vederlagsfond, one year working grant
2013/2015 Bergen Kommune, studio for newly established artist, Kunstnerverksted Cs55
2013/2014 Arts Council Norway, Aspirant position at BEK


2014 On Affordances (or What Archives Cannot Do) for Grafters’ Quarterly Issue 2
2014 Inclined Towards… Galleri 3,14 Twenty-Fifth Years Anniversary catalog
2014 I Love Your Manners Full of Deceit, Introduction to compendium, for Apis Press
2013 A Malaise in the Making, commission for B-open, reflections on Bergen Assembly
2013 Writing and Indifference, Bergen, Norway (Featured artist)
2012 Contribution to exhibition catalog, Odds, Odda, Norway
2011 ROV Magazine, Norway, Issue 3 (Featured artist)
2011 Mopp # 4: Fjernt, Oslo, Norway, (Featured artist)
2011 Contribution to exhibition catalogue, Ut I Min Hage, Harstad, Norway

Media / Reviews

2017 Revitaliserende White-out, Susanne Christensen, Kunskritikk
2017 Den Maleriske Dialogen, Øyvind Storm Bjerke, Klassekampen
2015 生活於極地的熱帶女子:專訪泰國藝術家, Emily Lee, Passage Life
2015 Vil skape samarbeid og nye opplevelser, Eva S. Johansen, Nordnesrepublikken
2014 Tar Tiden Tilbake, Birgitte Wisur Olden,Sør-Varenger Avisen
2014 Natt og Dag, Bergen April 2014
2012 ‘A ride full of traps’ Bergen National Academy of the Arts, catalogue
2010 De Standaard, nr. 110, Jan Hoet Keurt de Canvas Collectie by Veerle Beel

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