27 & 28 April 2019

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Frantzen, Hilde


The project I’m working on is about and catching the movements in the terrain. I have worked out a method in which I paint grids on textiles, that I bring out and put on or in nature. In this way, I capture the landscape in a graphical way. I’m left with an overview of the actual movements in the ground. Every stone, crack, wind puff or movement in the terrain makes a manifestations on the grid. The results appear to me as landscape paintings, but I need nature to activate the paintings. There is a big contrast between the grid and nature, and it´s almoste as if a virtual world has fallen into nature.
In the daily language, we often use nature to orient ourselves and to have something physical to measure against, for example; light as a feather, heavy like a rock, tall like a mountain, etc. I think it’s interesting to study this closer in this time where megabytes and gigabytes are the most widely used target units. Personally, I think it’s challenging to relate to physics. How much does a megabytes weigh? How thin is a tiff file?

Member of NBK, NTK, KH

Terrenget- Der landet ligger 2018
Feltarbeid 2017
1.målinger bodø
Feltarbeid 2017 Bodø, Nordland

Planned projects and exhibitions

Vestlandsutstillingen 2019
Østlandsutstillingen 2019
“Mørketida”, Leksnes,Lofoten 2019
“Elementene” Oppland Artsenter 2019
Artist in residence LKV, Trondhjem 2019
“VR IRL” Stormen Bodø 2020


CV Hilde Frantzen

Arnebråtveien 111. 0771 Oslo
Tlf:+47 45245584
mail: heiahilde@hotmail.com
web: hildefrantzen.com
born: 03.01.82

2008 – 2010 Master, National Academy of the arts, Bergen
2005 – 2008 Bachelor, National Academy of the arts, Bergen, avd. Textile 2005-2008
2003 – 2004 Art and design, Høgskolen i Oslo 2003-2004
2001 – 2003 Asker Art school 2001-2003
1998 – 2001 Gloppe vgs. Drawing, form and colour

2018 Project week, Møre og Romsdal Art-center
2018 Separat exhibition Soft, Oslo
2017 Gallery Svalbard, Longyearbyen
2016 Kings Bay, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard
2016 ”Bergtatt” ” (m. Hans K.Thoresen) Kunst på vandring (on tour), Ullensaker Art Society
2015 ”Finne fjell” BOA (Med Line A Dalmar) Oslo NO
2015 ”Bergtatt” (m. Hans K.Thoresen) Kunst på vandring,(on tour) av Akershus Art Society
2015 Ciggarrvägen 13 (med Line Anda Dalmar), Stockholm, SE
2013 “I only see mountains” Frantz: Navle, Bergen NO
2013 ”Erasing landscape” Studio 17, (Med Linn Rebekka Åmo) Stavanger
2012 “Death exercise, versjon nord” Bodø Art Society NO
2010 ”Non stop” Gallery Format, Bergen

2020 VR IRL, Stormen showroom, Bodø
2019 “The Elements” Oppland Arts Center, Lillehammer
2019 Østlandsutstillingen, House of Fundation
2019 Vestlands Exhibition
2018 Cabin Economy Contemporary, Stena Line NO / DK
2018 Borgen Museum & Co.
2018 “Spring depot” Tenthaus, Oslo
2018 “Heard the year”, Bø i Telemark
2018 “Other premises 2”, Bryne Kunstforening
2018 “Other premises” – Gjengangere "Trondheim Kunstforening
2017 “Kortreist”, Bø i Telemark
2017 “… with your own eyes to see”, Kiel, Germany
2017 “The Elements” Telemark Art Center
2018 ”Unknown procedure 2- Gjengangere” Trondheim Art Society
2017 ”Elementene” Telemark Art-center
2016 ”Unknown procedure” USF, Bergen
2015 ”Berqvam, Frantzen, Igland, Nes og Nøkleby Presttun” KRAFT, Bergen
2015 ”Protection” Mountain-hall Bodø
2014 Høstutstillingen 127, Kunstnernes hus , Oslo
2014 Drømmanars flygselskåp” Gøteborg SE
2014 ”The Wearable Art Show” Kreuzberg Pavilion / Knipsu, Bergen
2014 Østlandsutstillingen, Kunsthall Hamar, Buskerud art-center og Østfold Art-center
2014 ”Play and decay” national Gallery i Uzupis, Vilnius, Litauen
2013 ” "Reflections of Munch” Buskerud art-senter, Drammen
2013 “Play and decay”, Kaunas Litauen
2013 “BGO-TRF” Sandefjord Art Society
2013 “Experiment Sus VI” site-specific exhibition Bergen
2013 " In the shadow of Munch", Kragerø
2013 “I am my world” NOoSphere , New York USA
2013 “Rørelse” Elisabeth G, Tysnes
2013 ”Sener fra et hjem 3”, Moss Art Society
2013 ”Sener fra et hjem 2”, Gjøvik Art Society
2012 Hørte Uteannuale
2012 ”Sener fra et hjem 1” Skulptur arena Øst, Carl Berner subwaystation Oslo
2011 Hørte Annualen, Bø
2011 ”young artists”, Sandefjord Art Society
2011 NK årsutstilling, Permanenten, Vestlandske Art Industry Museum, Bergen
2011 ”OvergangUndergangNedgang”. Gallery Kurant, Tromsø
2010 Norske kunsthåndverkers årsutstilling Art Industry Museum, Oslo
2010 ”Knock knock”, Skulptur arena Øst, Carl Berner subwaystation, Oslo
2010 ”The mosquito and the Ruler”, Bergen Kunsthall
2009 ”An educated guess”. USF Bergen
2009 Gallery of Art and Design, Silpakorn University, Bangkok.
2008 Tilburg textilmuseum. Tilburg, Nederland
2008 Group-utstilling Soft Gallery Oslo
2007 ”Premier Vision”, Paris
2007 ”Texstil 07”. Kaunas Biennalen. Litauen

2019 Artist in residence LKV, Trondheim
2018 Project week, Møre og Romsdal Art-center
2017 Kunstnerkvartalet, Lofoten
2016 Researcher station på Ny-Ålesund, SVALBARD
2013 AIR Bergen, Brooklyn, New york, USA
2009 Exchange National Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture HELSINKI
2009 Deployment on textile factory Ratti SPA ITALIA
2008 Hospitant Nicola Costantino, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

2018 Forberg og Aurlies Legat
2016 Scholarship Oslo Municipality
2015 NBK Hjelpefond, support to residency
2015 Diversestipend from Norwegian artists asossiation
2015 Project support Norwegian cultural Council
2014 UD Support, Exhibition abroad
2014 OCA Support, Exhibition abroad
2013 OCA Support, Exhibition abroad
2012 Bergen Municipality cultural grant
2012 Bergen Municipality Establishment support
2012 Exhibition support, Norwegian cultural Council
2012 Support joint workshop Norwegian cultural Council
2011 NK 3-year work scholarship
2011 Prosjektsupport Norwegian cultural Council


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