27 & 28 April 2019

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Höög, Matilda

Painting, oil on canvas

You have to start somewhere, in order to try and understand, and reach at least some small measure of control. When world events are digital and readily accessed, but still hard to grasp, one way is to work with what you know: everyday life and your closest surroundings. Original photos were taken spontaneously, they’re moments and details. I select which might have something and paint my way through them, instead of letting the photo be the finished work. To paint takes time. I use this time to think about the observations, to understand the details I mean are important. The working process is a reaction to the instant media, the cell phone snapshot.

Grupp 2
Group 2. Oil on canvas. Assorted sizes. 2018.
Grupp 4
Group 4. Oil on canvas. Assorted sizes. 2018.
Group 8. Oil on canvas. Assorted sizes. 2018.
Grupp 5
Group 5. Oil on canvas. Assorted sizes. 2018.

Planned projects and exhibitions

Solo exhibition gallery LNM, Oslo. 14/3-7/4 2019.


CV pr. December 2018
Matilda Höög born 1980
Glückstads gate 6 0170 Oslo
tel: (+47) 924 634 10 www.matildahoog.com

Selected exhibitions:

Upcoming: Exhibition Galleri 69 Oslo, 2019

2018 Tenthaus Spring depot

2017 Trønderlagsutstillingen, Trondheim and Steinkjær
Bærum kunsthall, Bærum
Solo show, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

2016 Tegnebiennalen, Oslo
Høstutstillingen, Oslo
Solo show Galleri Storck, Oslo
Solo show Studio 17, Stavanger

2015 Screening, Galleri ANX, Oslo
Solo show Galleri Podium, Oslo

2014 Høstutstillingen, Oslo
“Knock Knock”, group show at Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Oslo
“Touch Base” with Jóhanna Ellen, Akademirommet Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2012-2014 Master of fine arts, Academy of fine art, Oslo
2009-2012 Bachelor of fine arts, Trondheim academy of fine art
2006-2008 Preparatory art schools Basis og Idun Lovén, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected grants and stipends:
2017 Norsk Kulturråd Two year working grant
2016 Forsberg and Aulies Legat
Norsk Kulturråd One year working grant
2015 NBK One year working stipend
2014 SKS Stipend for newly graduated students

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Storgata 36B, 0182 Oslo