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Magelssen, Janine

Drawing, wallobject, relief
In my artistic practice I work with how the minimal and tactile meet in a common idiom. The design is minimal and three-dimensional, it allows for concentrated form without too many associations. A work that activates the spatial sense and provides an abstract experience. Key words such as; spatiality, tactility, visual sound, stillness light and shade is central.

Member of NBK, TF, The Drawing Center, NY

Member of NBK, TF

Soknad farve
Janine Magelssen. Color-relieff # VI-II, 2018, cardboard, wood, putty, gesso and pigment on wood. 70x90x1,2 cm.
Oslo open 2
Janine Magelssen. Wallconstruction #X-detail, 2018. 70x410 cm. Wire, putty and pigment on wall. From the exhibition Silent Sounding, BOA, 2018
S s1
Janine Magelssen. Wallconstruction #X, 2018. 70x410 cm. Wire, putty and pigment on wall. From the exhibition Silent Sounding, BOA, 2018
S s4
Janine Magelssen. Wallconstruction #XI, 2018. 2(70x70 cm). Putty and pigment on wall. From the exhibition Silent Sounding, BOA, 2018

Planned projects and exhibitions

2020 One man show at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo


Born in Oslo 1964, Lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Member of NBK (Norwegian Visual Artists Association) and the Drawing Center in Oslo and The Drawing Center, New York, Viewing Program

One man shows

2018 Silent Sounding, Gallery BOA, Oslo with Siri Austeen
2015 Exhibition with artist Nils Olav Bøe, Gallery Semmingsen, Oslo
2012 Flexible Motion with Øyvind Jørgensen, Galleri Trafo, Asker
2008 zone, Gallery Semmingsen, Oslo
2008 areas, Stillscape, Esviken, Norway (Landart project)
2007 White Noise, Kunstbanken, Hedmark Kunstsenter, Norway
2006 White Noise, Art Leauge, Houston, USA
2006 Unmediated Recognition, Galleri Gathe, Bergen
2006 Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo
2002 Between the Lines, Galleri MGM, Oslo
1996 Drawing, Galleri Nebb-X, Oslo

Selected group shows
2018 Guilt by Association, Bærum Kunsthall
2017 Konstruktiv Tendens, in Tomarps Kungsgård, Kvidinge, Sweden
2016 Nonobjective reality-different strategies, Kunstbanken, Hedmark
2015 Presence, Stillness, Moment, Reflection Trafo Kunsthall, Asker
2015 Construction, Bærum Communitiy Art Collection, Bærum Kunsthall.
2014 Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg Kunsthall, Copenhagen
2014 Gallery Semmingsen, Oslo, Norway
2012 Silence, Gallery Masters & Pelavin, New York
2012 Non Figuration, Edsvik Kunsthall, Stockholm
2011 Extended Drawing, Gallery Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway
2010 Drawing Biennial, Lines on the move, Momentum Kunsthall, Norway
2010 Konstruktive Tendenser, Gallery LNM, Oslo
2009 Apparently Invisible: Spring Selections Show, The Drawing Center, New York
2009 Group show, The Constructivist Tendency Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Abstraktion XXVII, The Constructivist Tendency Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Gallery F15, Jeløy
2008 Kunst1
2007 Gallery Semmingsen, Oslo
2006 Spring Exhibition, The Drawing Center, Oslo
2005 Gallery Semmingsen, Oslo
2002 Galleri MGM, Oslo
2001 Tendencies, Galleri JMS, Oslo
2001 Presented in Slideshow, Reykjavik Art Museum
2000 Tendencies, Galleri JMS, Oslo
1999 The Annual Art Exhibition, Høstutstillingen, Oslo
1999 Spring Exhibition, The Drawing Center, Oslo
1998 Drawing Exhibition, The Peder Balke Center, Toten
1996 The Annual Art Exhibition, Høstutstillingen
1995 Sjokoladefabrikken, Oslo
1993 Østlandsutstillingen

Working experience
2014- 2017 Chairwoman, The Norwegian Drawing Association
2011 Curator for the exhibition Extended Drawing, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, which builds freely on Apparently Invisible. I arranged a seminar on issues in contemporary drawing and in particular focused upon concepts presented in Extended Drawing. Nina Katchadourian, curator of The Viewing Program at The Drawing Center in NYC, and Sabrina van der Lay, curator at the Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art lead the discussion, and presented work from their curatorial practice as context.
2003 Drawing teacher, Art school, Oslo
1994-98 Galleri Wang, assistant
1994-95 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, illustration for classical and modern music

The Artists Consideration Foundation; 2002,2003,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010-2012, 2014,2015. Norwegian State, Working grant, 2016. Norwegian State, Working grant, 2017-19.

Art Award from Bærum Community 2008

1993-94 The National College of Art and Design, Oslo, Norway
1992-93 Parson School of Design, Paris, drawing and sculpture courses.
1990-92 The National College of Art and Design, Oslo, Norway
1989-90 Asker Art School, Norway
1986-87 University of Colorado, Boulder, Fine Art
1984-86 The School of Computer Science, Oslo

Ministry of Local Government, Baerum, Norway
The Norwegian Council of Cultural Affairs, Oslo
HM Queen Sonja´s Collection
Terra Finans, Oslo

Sites, text by Per Gunnar Tverrbakk
Extended Drawing, catalog text by Anne Karin Jortveit, 2011
Lines on the Move Tegnebiennalen 2010
Ingun Bøhn interview in Tegnerforbundets Numer 80, 2009
Apparently Invisible , Drawing Paper 84, Drawing Center, New York, USA
Henning L. Mortensen catalog zone, 2008
John Devine i ArtUS Magazine May 2007
Janicke Iversen, catalog white noise, 2006, When emptiness holds meaning, 2006

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