27 & 28 April 2019

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Presterud, Marius

Multimedial, performance, ecoventions

Oslo Apiary & Aviary is a dark-ecological tools, goods and service provider. We work in the overlap between art and urban husbandry, specializing in performance and ecoventions.

Working from the roof top of Kunstnernes Hus for the last five years, we been documenting the plant-and animal life in the city, as well as introduced bio-diversity to the unused parts of the buildings architecture. We’ve kept bees, made compost, foraged seeds from the wind and bird droppings, grown trees with visiting children, in addition to holding site-specific exhibitions in the buildings roof and foyer area. Honey from the rooftop farm has previously been on the restaurants dessert menu, and mead, produced by Dronebrygg, sold in the foyer bar. For the last two seasons the abandoned ventilation room on top of Kunstnernes Hus has been used exclusively for their breeding program of plastic eating night butterfly larvae – a parasite that comes with the territory of beekeeping.

A consistent line running through our work is an inspection of the performative qualities of the separation of urbanity-nature and the private-public domain: By tending plants, birds and insects in the city, we question what types of life belongs where. By subjugating ourselves to urban husbandry, we revitalize mutually dependent modes of being. The entanglement allows for moments of enlivenment in a time of alienation. Through our embedded practice we try to get a sense of the city’s ontology, how the post-sustainable city is constituted and can or can’t be reconstituted.

The art practice is run by Marius Presterud with the help of Mikkel Dagestad and a rotating, handful of multi-disciplinary affiliates.

Member of Marius Presterud

Work relief 2018 detailj, en av åtte biter foto oaa
Work Relief
Kunstnernes Hus takgård


IF THESE WALLS COULD WALK, WHERE WOULD THEY STRAY, REDUX /// WAX BATONG, Nov 2018, for Pluss Pluss at Black Box Theater, curated by Karen Nikgol, Oslo
COMMON DYEING, for Futurefarmers THROUGH THE TANDOOR, Sept, 2018, Losæter/Oslo
WORK RELIEF /// LØNN, National Art Exhibition (Høstutstillingen), Sept/Oct 2018, Oslo
CHA-CHANGE!, TOP interdisciplinary projectspace, Aug, 2018, Berlin
ANTI-FREEZE, Spriten Kunsthall, June 2018, Skien
PEARL BORN, Exgirlfriend Gallery, June, 2018, Berlin
DEATH CAFÉ, for Futurefarmers Full Moon Gathering (SF), Jan 2018, Losæter/Oslo
PEARL DIVING – Part 1, Gallery Field of Dreams, Oct 2017, Oslo
TRACING THE FJORD, for Retten til Byen, Sept-Oct 2017, Losæter/Oslo
NORTHERN BUMBLING, Losæter Bakehouse, Oslo June-Aug 2017, Losæter/Oslo
Ditto, Slakthusatelierna, Stockholm
Ditto, The Nordic House, Reykjavik
DEFENSE COURSE IN BAKING /// LEVERAGE FOR LEAFAGE /// SUN DECK, for Vandaler Forenings (NO) HUMAN SCARECROWS 2.0, June 2017, Losæter/Oslo
COMMON PROSPECTS , for Futurefarmers FULL MOON GATHERING (SF), Feb 2017, Losæter/Oslo
SMOKER SEANSE, for TO BEE OR NOT TO BE, Gallery F15, Oct 2016, Moss
TOP-BAR HIVES, for TO BEE OR NOT TO BE, Gallery F15, July 2016-April 2017, Moss
OSLO AVIARY with OSLO APIARY, for Futurefarmers (SF), Losæter, Oslo, May 2016,
TRACING THE FJORD, collab. w. Future Farmers (SF), Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, June 2016, Oslo-Bærum
Untitled (‘THE SHEPERD’), for Futurefarmers (SF) INTO THE GROUND AND UP (IN)TO THE SKY, June 2016, Losæter/Oslo
PEARL DIVING – Part 1, Journal of Somaestethics, Vol. 2, Nos. 1 and 2, May, 2016
EAR TO THE WAX, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo Open, April 2016, Oslo
GUTTERAL TRANSPLANTATION, for Oslo Kulturnatt, Kunstnernes Hus, Sept 2015, Oslo
NEIGHBORHOOD BATCH, Mølleren Sylvia, Aug 2015, Oslo
SANKE GULL, collab. w. Andreas Ervik for (SANKE), Aug 2015, Oslo
CITY MEADOW, TRANSFORMER#5, collab. w. Vigdis Storsveen & ROM for kunst og Arkitektur, June-Sept 2015, Oslo
FOYER WORK, collab. w. Victoria Günzler, One Night Only Gallery, Dec 2014, Oslo
DITCHFLOWER, Fuglen, Nov 2013, Oslo
HOW TO D.I.Y. with Bourgeois Stallion, Malmøgata Fine-Art Project Space, May 2011, Oslo

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