27 & 28 April 2019

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Janssen, Pål Roland


I stribe to find a visual language to express the tensions we faces every day, wich we attends to balance. Besides my work giving a good laugh and beeing an aestetic delight, I would like my work to carry the room of meaning between what’s expressed and what’s not. The gap between our acceptance and what we turn our backs to.

Member of NK

Pål Roland Janssen // Tigger 30/30/45 Blown glass - Varmskulpturert glass
Spiky beauties
Pål Roland Janssen // Spiky beauties // 2015 //blown glass - Varmskulpturert glass
Pål Roland Janssen // Verdsatt torso 2018 //h40b20d15//Blown glass
Lett light detalj 18
Pål Roland Janssen // Light/lett //2018// h7b20d30//Blown glass-Varmskulpturert blåst glass

Planned projects and exhibitions

Light/Lett: I explore the relation between complicated and simple in different ways, illustrated through the extremely difficult material glass.

Verdsatt // Appreciated: With help from the status of the glassmaterial, I tend to give space for variations of bodies, also those that otherwise isn’t incuded in our common interpretation of beauty and strength. This sudden reveal, turning back on how we interpret and accept our selves.

For sale! Human beings are a commodity. They can be traded. Even today. Even here. Especially here. For this project I set about attempting to portray human trading in a modern context. Inspired by comic books, the pieces conveys an almost cheerful, sparkling impression – a stark contrast to the gloomy subject they illustrates.


Hot workshop, sheared with glassartist Karen Klim. Studio granted by the commune of Oslo.

2006 – 2014 Egenart Glassmakerne a/s Bærum
Partner/ manager
Combined gallery and hotshop, where I had apprentices and assistants.
2003 – 2006 Egenart 5 Glassmakerne a/s Bærum
2001–2002 Glasshytta på Stabekk Bærum

Art related education
Workshop Martin Janecky, Workshop Colin Reid, workshop Jeff Mack, workshop Ned Cantrell 2017
Workshop Clare Belfrage 2016, Jiri Pacinek 2016
Sculpture workshop Willenbrock & Jason, USA
Hot sculpting m/Pino Signoretto, USA// Seminar Nøstetangen, Hokksund //
Seminary med Nytt norsk glass, Hurdal //Venetian gobletmaking, Oslo //
Seminary Nytt norsk glass Magnor // Canework Oslo. Seminar med Jack Wax , Bærum.
1994 Nordstrand vgs Oslo: Examen Artium // included 1 year high school Illinois, USA – with artfocus

• 2018: Verdsatt. Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate
• 2017: Juleutstilling. Nøstetangen glassmuseum
• 2016: Verdsatt. Holmsbustuene, Holmsbu
• 2014: Bærum kommune
• 2011: Til salgs! under Glass – Samtidig. Buskerud kunstnersenter
• 2008: Skedsmo kunstforening, Skedsmo rådhus.
• 2007: Bærum kunsthåndverk // Bærum kulturhus.
• 2006; Bærum Kommune Kulturarena.

Collective exhibitions (Kursivtekst = offentlig kuratert):
• 2018: Flora kunstlag
• 2018: Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate
• 2018: Vevringutstillingen
• 2017: Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate.
• 2016: Sunndal kunstforening Galleri Barbara, Sundalsøra //Holmsbustuene, Holmsbu // Invitert kunstner Handverksmessa i Jondalen.
• 2015: Bryggeutstillingen Råkvåg. Kulturhuset Gamlebanken, Nordfjordeid. Bømlo kunstlag, Bømlo.
• 2014: Uke 42 Vann, Bærums Verk.
• 2013: “Lys”. Bærums Verk // Kunst Rett Vest, Vestfossen. // Galleri Vanntårnet. Nesodden.
• 2012: Kunsthåndverk 2012, Kunstindustrimuseet. Oslo // European Glass Contex 2012. Bornholm kunstmuseum. Bornholm //Jomfrulandutstillingen. Jomfruland. // Glass Symposiet, Kragerø. // Galleri Beito Vinterutstilling.
• 2011: Asker kunstforening//Vinje somarutstilling//Glass Art Society Conferance, Seattle//Kunst Rett Vest
• 2010: Kunst Rett Vest
• 2009: Galleri Gudem. Sommerutstilling // Kunstforeningen Verdens Ende
• 2008: Galleri Rallaren. Kraft // Nøstetangen museum // Galleri Nevlunghavn. Sommerutstilling.
• 2007: Bærum kulturhus // Vedholmen galleri Frost II //Kunstindustrimuseet. Glass og keramikk triennalen 07 // Bærum kulturhus m/ Lars Kværne
• 2006; Kongsberg kunstforening// Bærum kunstforening // Blakstad Lions

• 2018 Statens kunstnerstipender. Travel grant.
• 2018 Norske kunsthåndverkere. Travel grant.
• 2018 Norske kunsthåndverkere. Project
• 2017 Statens kunstnerstipender. Travel grant.
• 2016 Norske kunsthåndverkere. Public happenings in the studio.
• 2015 Norske kunsthåndverkere. Projectgrant Public open glasstudio.
• 2012 Grant European Glass Context, Danmark
• 2012 Grant Stikk. UD/NK. Grant for transport of art, European Glass Context
• 2009 Statens kunstnerstipend : Travel grant
• 2009: Stiftelsen Ord og Form.

Public art
2014 and 16 – Public art, Hanami restaurant Oslo
2014 – Drammen skisenter, Aron. Public art for the foaje

2018: What is glass? pupils of the 10th grade in studio to learn that glass and other arts and crafts are possible educational choices.Oslo open&BOO. Kidsworkshop as a part of the voluntarywork in my Oslo district.
2017&2016: What is Glass? Open glasstudio. Oslo Open & BOO. Oslo kulturnatt. Performance Jondal kunsthandverksmarked. Kids sculptureworkshop. Pupils on internship.
2015: What is Glass? Open glasstudio, Oslo Oslo kulturnatt Oslo, Risør. Glassperformance Villvinmarkedet, Risør. BOO. Barnas Oslo Open & Oslo Open. Pupils on internship.
2006-2014: Egenart: Teaching schoolclasses, kindergarden and pupils on internships. Apprentices to glassblowing.
2014 – Arttalk, Nordic Black Theatre
2013 – NRK Newton: Youth program about glass
2013 – TV Norge: Ylvisbrødrene
2013 – Prosessvideo for skulpture Annie in the collection “Til salgs”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FEEwnezd3Y

Open on: Sunday


Glasshytta på Frysja

Kjelsåsveien 145, 0491 Oslo
Stilla // Kjelsås



Demo! The studio is open and I sculpt kids plastelinafigures into glass sculptures