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Söderström, Johan


My works are made of ordinary filler. It’s a 5 mm thick layer surrounded by an oak frame. The filler cracks when it dries, and I make the cracks part of my expression. There is beauty in decay, and in imperfections. It recalls the physical forces of the world. Gravity and desintegration. Expansion and attraction. I like my work to be shaped by the properties of the material and by conceptual decisions, rather than any personal style.

I want to say something about alienation. As individual subjects we perceive the world through images. Images are representations, they are different from reality in itself. Thus we experience ourselves as somehow retracted from reality, and this primordial sense of alienation shapes the human condition.
By emphasizing the flatness of an image, and in the same time evoking the presence of the materials, I want to adress this lack, or longing, inherited in our perception of reality.

My work also relates to other modes of alienation, like the subjects estrangement from her natural conditions, or from the society as a whole. Or cultural alienation in the wake of migration and refugee crises. I often work in response to inequality or injustice, to raise awareness and make a stand, but also as a way to deal with it on a personal level.

I do art to focus on the things in the picture that are missing. To embrace the incompleteness of our understanding, but simultaneously contemplate what lies underneath. And I hope that is what others take away from it too.

Member of NBK, LNM, BOA

Entitled grå
Entitled Suite
Alwaysalready grå
Always Already
Chewing gums
Chewing Gums
Fjord 1 og 2

Planned projects and exhibitions

2019 Det Gule Hus, Asker. Exhibition
2019 Galleri Mjøsvågen – Osterøy kunstlag. Exhibition
2019 Modum Kunstforening. Exhibition
2019 Sunnfjord Kunstlag. Exhibition


Selected Biography



Surnadal Billag, Surnadal 2018, – “Entitled”

Konsthallen Trollhättan, Sweden 2018 – “Att låta det obetydliga tala”, m. Erland Brand, Malin Ida Eriksson, Jenny Magnusson, Lars-Göran Nilsson

Drøbak Kunstforening, Drøbak 2018, – “Entitled”

Konsthallen Lokstallet, Strömstad, Sweden 2018 – “Att låta det obetydliga tala”, m. Erland Brand, Malin Ida Eriksson, Jenny Magnusson, Lars-Göran Nilsson

Galleri Jessheim – Jessheim Kunstforening, Jessheim 2018 – “Always Already”

Gjøvik Kunstforening, Gjøvik 2018 – “Entitled”

Levanger Kunstforening, Levanger 2017 – “ New Works”
No13 Contemporary, Fredrikstad 2017 – “Distal End”
Tenthaus Oslo 2017 – “Ingenmannsland”

Galleri Vanntårnet, Nesodden Kunstforening, Nesodden 2017 – “The Master Key”

Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek, Oslo. Kunstnernes åpne klimamikk 2017, arranged by CAN (Concerned Artist Norway)

Vandalerforeningen, Oslo 2016. Winter Solstice – “NOVE SED NON NOVA

Ulstein Kunstlag, Ulsteinvik 2016 [Review, Vikebladet 11.06.16]

Cyan Salong, Oslo 2016 – “Intersect” [Interview, Foto.no]

Galleri 69, Oslo 2016 – “A Crack In Everything” [Review, Klassekampen 16.03.16]

Vandalerforeningen, Oslo 2015. Winter Solstice – “Play Hooky”

Christiansands kunstforening, Kristiansand, 2012 – “Afasi”

Galleri Henrik Gerner, Moss, 2011 – “Partners In Crime”, with Ingunn Brevold and Tine Aamodt

Galleri Henrik Gerner, Moss 2008 – “Konst i det ofantliga rummet”, with I. Brevold, A. Hynne, C. Nissen, T. Aamodt, L. Larsen Kjelstrup

Galleri LNM, Oslo 2007 – ”Death of a Loyalist soldier”

Ski Kunstforening, Ski 2007 with K. Sager

The White Tube, Tøyen T-bane, Oslo 2006 with K. Sager

Hamar Kunstforening, Hamar 2005, with Tine Aamodt, Ingunn Brevold,

Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst, Trondheim 2004, with ACME

Rogaland Kunstnersenter, Stavanger 2004, with ACME

Konstepidemien, Göteborg, Sverige 2004, with ACME

Buskerud Kunstnersenter, Drammen 2003 – ”Å Male Et Hus” with Tine Aamodt, Ingunn Brevold,

Akershus Kunstnersenter, Lillestrøm 2002, with ACME

Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø 2001 – “The Bonnet Syndrome” with ACME

Galleri Christian Damm, Oslo 1999 – “ACME” with T. Aamodt, C. Nissen, A. Simonsson, L-E. Svensson

Galleri Kamras, Borgholm 1998 Sverige – “Snøblind” with Björn Hegardt, Jens Nilsson, Susanna Hesselberg, Ebba Moi


Galleri LNM, Oslo 1998 – Unge Inviterte

Galleri F15, Moss 1998 – “Comma”

Trondheim Kunstnersenter, Trondheim 1998 – Trøndelagsutstillingen

Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim 1997 – Desemberutstillingen


Byneset sykehjem Trondheim 2004

Høybråten skole Oslo 2006


Trondheim kommune 2004


BKV One year working grant, 2017

Exhibition support Norwegian Artcouncil, 2011

Norwegian Government Miscellaneous grant, 2009

BKH One year working grant, 2008

Vederlagsfondet 2006

Three year working grant, Norwegian Government, 2001-04

Vederlagsfondet 2000

Equipment support, Norwegian Government 1999


Art Academy in Trondheim, Norway 1995-99

University of Stockholm 1993-94 Artscience

Gerlesborgsskolan Stockholm 1991-93

Lunnevads fhsk Linköping 1989-91

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