27 & 28 April 2019

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Bø, Stine

Painting, sculpture, installation

Soap operas consist of romances, secret relationships, extravagant affairs and true love. On several occasions, some sounds came from the caravan of our neighbor from Bø, Norway, sounds that she ought not to make when her husband was away working at the North Sea. When she sat down with us later, I thought it was strange how she thought no one had heard her through her caravans thin walls. After a while she became some kind of a friend of the family, and there were many late evenings with her, her husband or/ and sometimes her other men.

Inspired by Otto Dix, Lady Gaga and daytime television, my work draws direct parallels to nostalgia, pop-culture and my own life. The ongoing project Days Of Our Lives/ My 90’s Are Better Than Your 00’s are inspired by memories from my upbringing in Larvik, Norway, where I was not exposed to any visual art. In my art production painting is my main focus, but I also work with drawing, sculpture and installation.

Member of UKS, NBK, LNM, NBF

I Gode Og Onde Dager (Del 1), Avgang på Kunstnernes Hus, 2018, mixed media + olje på lerret, kunstner Stine Bø.
Tour/ detour, olje på lerret, 58 x 48 cm.,2018, kunstner Stine Bø.
I Gode Og Onde Dager (Jeg så nettopp James i en annen film!), utstillingen "Smalltown Glamour", Galleri Bølgen, 2018, kunstner Stine Bø
I Gode Og Onde Dager (Del 1), Avgang på Kunstnernes Hus, videocover/ pleksiglass, stål, 2018, 350 x 230 x 198 cm., kunstner Stine Bø.

Planned projects and exhibitions

Develop the series of work titled I Gode Og Onde Dager/ Days Of Our Lives, applying for exhibitions and residencies in Norway/ abroad.

2019 Collaboration with artist and sculptor Signe Solberg about upcoming
exhibition /project, Oslo, Hobøl.



Stine H. Bø
Markveien 4b
0554 Oslo
www.stineboe.com Oslo 31th. January 2019


2016 – 2018 Academy Of Fine Arts, Master’s Program, Oslo National Academy Of The Arts.
2013 - 2016 Academy Of Fine Arts, Bachelor Program, Oslo National Academy Of The Arts.
2013 – 2011 Art School Of Rogaland, Stavanger

Exhibition and upcoming projects:

Solo Exhibitions/ Curatorial work:

2018 My 90’s Are Better Than Your 00’s / Days Of Our Lives. Galleri Bølgen, Larvik.
(In dialogue with Eirin Støen, Sirene and Larvik municipality.)
2014 Såre Øyeblikk, Søylegalleriet, Oslo National Academy Of The Arts, Oslo.

Group exhibitions:

2018 Master´s Final Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
2018 Ekely Munchs Gallerier, Oslo.
2017 Gruppeutstilling, Akademirommet Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
2016 Avgang 2016: Bachelor i billedkunst, Oslo National Academy Of The Arts, Oslo.
2016 Gruppeutstilling Lager 008, Lager 008, Oslo.
2015 Liv Ertzeid & Urd J. Pedersen med venner, One Night Only,
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
2014 Basketball. Volleyball, Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
2014 Hole In One, Seilduken 1, Oslo National Academy Of The Arts, Oslo.
2013 Savnet. Liten ulv i bronse. Har forsvunnet, Akademirommet Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
2013 1, Seilduksgalleriet 1, Oslo National Academy Of The Arts, Oslo.
2013 Tendens – Stavanger Kunstforening, Stavanger.
2013 Open Door – Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger.
2012 Tou Camp – Tou Scene – Stavanger.

Member of:

LNM – Landsforeningen Norske Malere / National Organization For Artists Who Paint.
NBK – Norske Billedkunstnere / Norwegian Artist Association.
NBF – Norsk Billedhoggerforening / Norwegian Sculptor Society


2017 UKS – Young Artists Association, part-time employee, Gallery act and UKS mini-bar.

Public commission:

2012 Gnu bar, Stavanger.

Movie/ Commercial:

2013 ”Remote Health Care”
Commercial, employer Visco. Customer Shell. Production assistant, scenography and costume manager. Stavanger.

2012 ”Kyss Meg For Faen I Helvete”/ ”Kiss Me You Fucking Moron”
Screenplay – Employer: Motlys AS – manuscript and regi by Stian Kristiansen – Costume manager. Stavanger.
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2829458/

Art related:

Assistent For:

2020 Signe Solberg – In New York, during her residency.
2014 Maja Brovonic – “To Be Continued”,
The National Museum Of Art, Architecture And Design, Oslo.
2014 Victor Boullet – ”In These Great Times”, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
2012 Elin Melberg – ”What Mine is Yours to Borrow”, Tou Scene, Stavanger.


(upcoming article/ interview) http://notrandomart.com/contemporary-magazines/


2017 Workshop/dialogue with Culture manager in Larvik Municipality, Bård Jacobsen.


2018 Norwegian Cultural Council – Diversestipend for newly educated artists 90 000 NOK.

Open on: Saturday


Atelier CK2

Christian Kroghs gate 2, 0186 Oslo
Brugata, Hausmannsgate,