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Øisth, Heidi

Drawings, Carpets

A L E M S E T by Heidi Øiseth

Alemset,means backcloths,backdrops. Everybody has a story that is a reason for what you say,think and belive in.
My picture “Behind the layers, you will maybe find the surface” “carry” this story.
Backclothes are carpets, my carpets are carpets in the symbolic meanings of the layers of time and understanding, about the stories we hide under the carpet, the stories that make us to who we are.
My work look like old rugs, charcoal and ink on fabrics.
In these works,I present the textures and structures that are reminiscent of deposits and experience material, that is set in a system.

Material usage is limited to unprepared cotton canvas, ink, charcoal and pastelchalk.
Structures located above the soft ink deposits, creating contrasts which
different layers are covered by something else. Through layer upon layer of bar and line created poetic images that offer the viewer the possibility of a separate room for memories and emotions. A room where the unknown are woven together with the recognizable.
The images are dark, almost gloomy, but also emotional, in the way thay carry performativ lines of meditation.
My work are an intuitive, meditative process where the
action becomes a conduit for thoughts and feelings. They may be about
melancholy, anxiety, anger or powerlessness, and this is expressed through
a grinding process with no room for
Using ink on raw canvas, there is no room for corrections.

Member of NBK, TF, BOA, LNM

Solitude, 300cm x 300cm, rombeskrivelse Tegnerforbundet 2018
Heidi Øiseth "Solitude" 300cm x 300cm Tegnerforbundet 2018
Heidi Øiseth "Dignity" 300cm x 300cm, Tegnerforbundet 2018
 mg 2271 kopi
Behind The Layers, you will maybe find The Surface 200 cm x 200 cm, vista i tegnerforbundet 2016


Heidi Øiseth
Born 1/26/1961
Addr: Jac.Aallsgate 29 A, 0364 Oslo
www.oiseth.net, heidi@oiseth.net

Norwegian Visual Artists Assocation (http://www.billedkunst.no/nbk/)
The Association of Norwegian Painters (www.lnm.no)
Painters in Oslo and Akershus (http://www.boakunst.com/)
The Drawing Associasion of Norway

2007 – 2009 Professor Markus Brendmoe
2007 – 2009 Werner-Roar Eriksen
2007 – 2009 Professor Ståle Vold
1995 depth, composition and figurative painting techniques with
         Kenneth Blom, E. Granum teaches painting school
1994 Elective, anatomy, colour theory and art history with
         Thomas Sivesind, teacher E. Granum painting school
1994 – 1995 Specialised Act and croquie with J. Cato Bottger
1992 – 1998 Nydalen Painting School
1990 – 1993 Oslo Drawing and Painting School 3 years

2018 Norwegian Kulturegrant for projects.
2014 Working grant, one year by Vederlagsfondet, Norway
2013 Working grant, materials
2010 Norwegian Kulturegrant for project.
2008 Travel grant, Germany

2018 The Norwegian Drawing Assosiasion…
2017 Edvard Munchs Atelier, Ekely..comming
2013 Gallery Nobel Oslo, Alemset
2010 Gallery Gold Hammar Tønsberg
2009 BOA Gallery
2009 Nobel Gallery
2008 Galleri Henrik Gerner Moss
2006 Galleri Bi-Z, Kristiansand
2002.2003 Nydalen, Oslo
2001 Therese Art Lounge, Oslo
1999 Norwegian Hydro, Oslo

YEAR – or Regional EXHIBITIONS by a Jury
2017 “ to see with your own eyes”,reformations exebition, The Cathedral Church of Oslo
2017 “ to see with your own eyes”, Reformations exebition, Brunswiker Pavillion, Kiel, Germany, Østlandsexebition
2016 Platons Huskestue, Norwegian Drawing Association
2015 Landesbibliothek Kiel, germany
2015 Østlands exhibition, LNM; BOA, The Drawing Association Norway
2014 Østlands exhibition, Kunstbanken Hamar, Norway
2010 Drawing Biennale (estimated)
2010 Østlands exhibition , ØKS, Peder Balke Center of Art
2009 The National Autumn Exhibition of Norway
2008 Østlands exhibition , Museum ST. Annan, Lubeck, Germany


2016 Telemark Gallery
2015 Gallery Nobel Jubileum exhibition
2015 Telemark Gallery
2015 Falling Outside, juried exhibition Oslo
2014 Akershus Artcenter
2014 The Norwegian Drawingcenter, Open House
2014 Rønningen gallery
2013 LNM aucsion
2012 The Norwegian Drawingcenter
2011 The Norwegian Drawingcenter
2011 Rønningen gallery
2011 The Norwegian Drawingcenter
2010 Lørenskog Art
2008 Galleri Ramfjord
2008 Kunsthalle St.Annen, Lubeck
2007 Gallery Kvam, Oslo
2006 National Exhibition, City Hall Square “LIVING
2007,2006,2005,2004 Galleri Nobel, Oslo
2007,2006,2005,2004, Gallery B-Z, Kristiansand
2003,2002,2001 Nydalen Oslo
2002 GalleryHørte, Telemark
2001 Gallery Compagniet, Kragerø
2000 Bærum Art fondation
1998 Gallery V-17, Oslo

Div.Private collectors
Torstein Tvenge, 6 paintings
Erik Henriksen, England 7 paintings
Kristian Kvam, paintings
State Korn A / S one painting

1998 – 2016 Teaching Nydalen Art School

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