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Supported by
Adam Mickiewicz Institute
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City of Oslo, Agency for Cultural Affairs
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ådlandsvik, Stian

Sculpture, painting, photography

I work primarily with sculpture, drawing, painting and photography. My work is an investigation into things and how things are connected to people. Central is the abilities things and products have to memorize and transfer knowledge about their own biographies, i.e how they are made, who made them, what they are made of and in the end why they were made. In neoliberal economy products are given a shiny and scratch-free surface in order to reveal as little as possible of their biographies, essentially making them talk about about concealment and suppression. They are physical manifestations of the marginalization of people. Liability exists as a spectre entangled within a global network of supply and demand.

Member of NBK, UKS, NBF

Stian ådlandsvik 02 22
Portrait of Leibniz, after Pierre Savart (1768-2017) Cape of Leibniz interpreted as a car-cover by a tailor in Leipzig (DE), incised to replicate a car-cover in Oslo, frame, ink-jet print mounted on dibond, Diptych 210×160 and 80×120cm
Stian ådlandsvik 02 2
Bruised Features #1 (2017) Partially flattened I-beam, 173 × 32 × 10,5cm
Stian ådlandsvik 02 23 kopi
C56286/24 B30 (ca. 7000f.Kr - 2017) 3D scanned and printed stone age flint knife found in Vestfold (NO) cast in aluminium, concrete, remains of packaging 12 pieces, variable size
Stian ådlandsvik 02 24
GXLK021782 & KX1D0945504477 (2017) Acrylic, electronic components and machine parts on canvas, 175 x 110 cm & 120 x 80 cm

Planned projects and exhibitions

Solo show, Hå Gamle prestegård (NO)
Group show, Schunck Heerlen (NE)
Group show, Køln (DE)
Different public commissions for Heimdal High-school (NO), Polarsirkelen High-school (NO), Greifswald University hospital (DE)
Copernicus-tallerken presentation at Kunstverein am Rosa Luxemburg platz, Berlin and Trondheim Kunstmuseum (NO)


Born 1981 in Bergen, Norway. Live and work in Oslo and Leipzig


2003 – 2006 National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo
2005 Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg (Prof. Eran Schaerf) (exchange)
2001 – 2003 Rogaland School of Art, Stavanger

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Hå gamle prestegård, Hå (NO) (upcoming)
2017 Negative Growth, Galleri K, Oslo
2017 Bruised Features, Z Gallery arts, Vancouver BC (CA)
2016 Goblin Treasure, Noplace, Oslo
2015 Société Anonyme, Galleri K, Oslo
2014 Breaking out of prison with a safety pin, Galleri Gann, Sandnes (NO)
2012 Abstract simplicity of need, Entree, Bergen (NO)
2012 Greasy Lace, Waxy Pith, Brussels
2012 Take these hands, MK gallery, Milton Keynes, (UK)
2012 The cyclical behaviour of equlibrium, Østfold Kunstnersenter, Fredrikstad (NO)
2011 Echo, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2010 Hell is Chrome, Gallery Erik Steen, Oslo
2008 Vehiculare, Gallery Erik Steen, Oslo
2007 Stream Day, Young Artists Society, Oslo
2006 …and then it suddenly inverted, Galleri Gann, Sandnes, (NO)
2006 In, Reversed, Out, Avav123, Hamburg
2005 It´s Not Unlike Being on the Top of a Snowcovered Mountain, Galleri 21:25, Oslo
2004 Dieluxe Emergency Equipment, Galleri 21:24, Oslo

Collaborative solo exhibitions with Lutz-Rainer Müller

2017 Copernicus, Norwegian sculptors society, Oslo
2016 SYZYGY, Objectiv magazine, Oslo
2015 Unholy Matrimony, FLACC, Genk (BE)
2013 Silk & Sour, MELK, Oslo
2012 Stadt mit Vollausstattung, Dortmunder Kunstverein, Dortmund (with Pepper + Woll)
2011 Hinterland/Bakomland, Public performance, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo
2010 Still life with modern guilt, MOT international, London
2010 You Only tell me you love me when you´re drunk, Hordaland Arts Centre, Bergen
2010 Still life with hyena, lotus and cave, W17/Kunstnernes hus, Oslo
2008 If it won’t fly, try using it as a reducing machine, simultaneously at Galerie HfbK, Elektrohaus, Trottoir and St.Pauli Kunstverein, all in Hamburg
2006 sketches for the meantime, Fotogalleriet, Oslo
2006 HAMC jubilee, The National Museum, Oslo (with Frode Markhus)

Group Exhibitions

2017 Season Gallery, Seattle (US)
2017 Guest artist in Kjell Varvins exhibition FRI GEOMETRI – Ustabile Variabler, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2016 Drawing biennale 2016: The sketch: A collective psycogeographical guide to Oslo, Oslo
2014 PIEROGI XX: Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition, Pierogi, NY
2014 New Arrangements, Galleria Rajatila, Tampere (FI)
2014 Restate, Art:I:Curate, London
2013 Örebro open art, Örebro (SE)
2013 Galleri K, Oslo
2012 Not even light can escape, A und V, Leipzig
2012 So near the garden but still miles away, 1/9Unosunove, Rome
2012 Diamonds are forever, Galleri Erik Steen, Oslo
2012 Grounded, bb15, Linz
2012 Lost in translation, ONO, Oslo
2011 Reminds me tomorrow, Skalitzer140, Berlin
2011 Precarious Interchange, Waxy Pith, Brussels
2011 Unfolding: Processes, Grimmuseum, Berlin
2011 Acting on a tip, Grünerløkka Kunsthall, Oslo
2011 Their work is fabulous, Galleri Erik Steen, Oslo
2010 Babelsk, Bergen Art Museum, Bergen
2010 Reflected in a drop of oil, Galleri Niklas Belenius, Stockholm
2010 The drawing biennale, Moss (NO)
2010 Kongsvinger Fortress, Kongsvinger (NO)
2010 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
2010 Unfinished Business, Waterside Project Space, London
2009 Tempo Skien, Telemarks Kunstnersenter (NO)
2009 Galleri Erik Steen, Oslo
2009 Dark matter, Peder Balke Center, Toten (NO)
2009 Barentz Triennale, Oslo, Tromsø, Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Murmansk, Moscow
2009 SnowballEditions2008, Lautom Contemporary, Oslo
2008 New works, Galleri Erik Steen, Oslo
2008 Platform China, Beijing
2008 SnowballEditions2008, Torpedo, Oslo
2008 Lights On, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Moderen Art, Oslo
2007 New works, Galleri Erik Steen, Oslo
2007 Be One, Get Three, Cluster Galerie, Berlin
2007 Obergeschoss Dritter Finger Rechts, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
2007 Architecture, Gallery KiT, Trondheim
2007 Play, Gallery Erik Steen, Oslo
2006 Take Off, Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo
2006 Kunstakademiets avgangsutstilling, Stenersenmuseet, Oslo
2005 Velkommen, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2004 Sur-re-al, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2004 Vestlandet i verden, Vestlandsutstillingen (touring exhibition)
2003 Ung2003, Galleri F15, Moss


2013 FLACC, Genk (BE)
2012 Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier, Amsterdam
2011 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway)
2010 W17, Oslo
2010 Air Bergen, Bergen
2008 Platform China, Beijing, OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway)


KLP, Bergen (NO)
Nomas Fundation, Rome (IT)
Bergen Art Museum, Bergen (NO)
Wintershall, Stavanger (NO)
Astrup Fearnley Foundation, Oslo (NO)
Private Collections

Public commissions with Lutz-Rainer Müller

2018 Heimdal high school, Heimdal (NO) (upcoming)
2018 Polarsirkelen middle and high school, Mo i Rana, Norway (upcoming)
2017 Tolkewitz Oberschule Gymnasium, Dresden, Germany (upcoming)
2017 Ullerntunet dementia care center, Oslo
2016 Red Cross resource centre Mortensrud, Oslo
2016 Terrot GmbH, Chemnitz, Germany
2015 Granstangen middle school, Oslo
2015 University of Tromsø /Norwegian Arctic university, Tromsø, Norway
2014 Bergen University College, Bergen, Norway
2014 Stein mit Vollausstattung, Dortmund City Centre, Germany
2013 Hadeland High School, Gran, Norway (not with Lutz-Rainer Müller)


2015 You only tell me you love me when you´re drunk, Revolver (with Lutz-Rainer Müller)
2014 Stad/Stein mit Vollausstattung, Dortmunder Kunstverein (with Lutz-Rainer Müller and Pepper+Woll)
2013 Silk & Sour, Lord Jim Publishing (with Lutz-Rainer Müller)
2012 Hell is Chrome, Künstlerhaus Bethanien

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