27 & 28 April 2019

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Hald, Dina


I work with enamel because it allows me to use a wealth of different colors in my jewelery and because of the challenge and satisfaction it gives to master the technique. Silver has always been the natural metal to work with as it is precious, reflects the light with a fantastic shine and has a great white color that is perfect as a backdrop to the enamel.
I work figuratively where I focus on the tension in the lines. I like drawing, have always done that and can with my jewelry combine drawing to make something far more durable and valuable. It always starts with drawing and goes through silver wire and silver plate, creating rooms that I finally add and burn the enamel in. Traditionally, the technique is called the cloisonne.

Member of NK

Dina hald. brosje. sælv og emalje 120x120 mm 2017
Green bird
Dina hald brosje sølv og emalje 150x120 mm. 2017
Blue bird
Dina hald. brosje sølv og emalje. 150 mm. 2017
Dina hald. brosje. sølv og emalje. 120x50 mm 2017

Planned projects and exhibitions

Risør Art Center summer 2019


Artist Curriculum Vitae
Dina Hald
Born: 03.07.72 Lives and works in Oslo, Norway
Contact: +47 90 672 587
dinahald@online,no web: dinahald.no

13-14 – Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
94-00 – Oslo National Academy of the Arts, master
93-94 – Raulandsakademiet, metal department
92-93 – School of Art, Risør (Oslo Academy of the Arts)
91 – Examen philosophicum, University of Agder

19 – Risør art center 15.06-25.08
17 – Fredrikstad Art Association 27.05-18.06
08 – Where the heck did I park? Gallery Format Bergen
05 – Birds and Insects Gallery Villvin, Risør
04 – Freshly Caught Fish, Kunstnerforbundet, Gallery of Contemporary art, Oslo
03 – A Short story, Akershus Art Center, Lillestrøm

Group exhibitions in Norway
17 – Christmas exhibition Bømlo Art Association 23.11-3.12
15 – 18 «Bevinget, smykker og objekter» Kunstbanken, Hedmark Kunstsenter, traveling exhibition
15 – Galleri Vanntårnet November-exhibition, Nesodden, 28.11-13.12
15 – BRUDD 30 years anniversary «Koblinger» Markveien, Oslo, 7.11-21.11
15 – Det Norske Teateret, «Because I am a girl» Plan International, Oslo, 10.10-13.10
15 – Galleri Albin Upp, Oslo, 13.10-25.10
14 – A point of no return Art center of Oppland, Lillehammer. 13.09 – 26.10.
14 – Kunstnerforbundet, Gallery of Contemporary art 4.- 28.09
13 – Eventyr Sommerutstilling, Galleri Geitodden, Flekkerøya, Kristiansand, Norge
09 – Villvin price-winners last 12 years, Risør
07 – Christmas-exhibition 2007 Kongsberg artcenter
07 – Once upon a time smykkekunstgruppen ”Anagram” Galleri Kunstristen, Oslo
07 – Speil, Speil, Galleri NordNorge, Harstad
06 – Prosjekt Oslo Galleri Kunstristen, Oslo
06 – Kunstnerforbundets sommerutstilling 2006 Oslo
05 – Gallery of Contemporary art Christmas 2005 Oslo
05 – Ingen vet hvor haren hopper Galleri Texas, Ås
05 – Smykker NÅ! Kongsberg Kunstforening, Kongsberg
04 – Triennale 2004 Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo
04 – Gullsmedkunst i farger Oslo Gullsmedlaugs Jubileumsutstilling. Oslo
02 – Høstutstillingen 2002 David Andersen, Egertorget, Oslo
01 – Den som venter på noe godt Expo Arte Smykkegalleri, Oslo
00 – Masterexhibition, National college og Art and Design, Oslo

Group exhibitions abroad
14 – Brudd Kunsthåndverk. Arvika Konsthandverk. Sommerutstilling i Arvika Konsthall
10 – Smycken så in i Norden! Eastern Skånes Artistguild, Skåne, Sverige
08 – Knopp Hiko Mizuno Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
08 – Knopp C.A.J.Gallery i Kyoto, Japan
05 – Norwegian Contemporary Crafts Wales Gallery
05 – Norwegian Contemporary Crafts The Scottish Gallery, Scottland
05 – Northern Lights Gallery Fusion, London, England
05 – Norwegian Contemporary jewellery Galeria Marcolongo, Padova, Italia
05 – Norwegian Contemporary Crafts, Flow Gallery, London, England
05 – Schmuck aus Norwegen, Museum fur Kunsthandwerk, Leipzig, Tyskland
04 – Norwegian Contemporary jewellery Craft Council of Ireland, Kilkenny, Irland
03 – Norwegian Contemporary Jewellery Tokyo, Japan
03 – Norwegian Contemporary Jewellery Itami, Japan
01 – Talente 2001 International tradefair Munick, Tyskland
97 – Millenium Seminar and exhibition, Tallin, Estonia

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