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Falk, Reidun

Painting, print

Brief about creative field of work: Visual artist at the Art Center Hvervenbukta Kunst og Håndverk, which is subject to the Culture Department in Oslo. Following up 15 artists students in the workshop. Gallery with own visual arts. 7 years of art-based education with emphasis on London’s scenography at the Mountview Academy of Theater Arts. Freelance scenographer in England and Norway until 2003. Worked in parallel as visual artist.

Artistic responsibility for a number of public projects and festivals.
43 exhibitions since 1993, of which 12 separate exhibitions.

Member of SNK

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Ask Yggdrasil. malt av Reidun Falk. 70x100. Akryl på lin. 2017
Fullsizeoutput 728
Stranger. Malt av Reidun Falk. 50x50. Akryl på lerret. 2017
Fullsizeoutput 702
Naked. Malt av Reidun Falk. 50x70. Akryl på lin. 2017
Fullsizeoutput 715
Between the trees. Malt av Reidun Falk. 50x70. Akryl på lin. 2017

Planned projects and exhibitions


-SNK Annual Juryed Exhibition.
-Oslo Open
-Summer exhibition, Gallery Falk.
-Oslo Culture Night, Gallery Falk.
-Christmas exhibition, Gallery H12.


CV for Reidun Falk

Post and Visiting Address of the Studio and Gallery:
Gallery Falk, Hvervenbukta Arts and Crafts,
Ljansbrukveien 2, 1250 Oslo.

Web: www.gallerifalk.no
Web: www.hvervenbukta.no
Facebook: Gallery Falk
Mail: gallerifalk@gmail.com
Tel: 988 23 765
Other qualifications: art history, architectural history, technical drawing and free hand drawing, costume design, painting techniques (fine art and stage), art and environmental therapeutic work with children, youth and development-impaired and art teacher in visual arts and design.
Creative Education:
Graphic copper cross section. Course at Ekely in Oslo. 2016.
Graphic collography. Gallery workshop in Oslo. You learn, graphic artist Aina Hartmann. 2016
Graphic woodcut. Course at Ekely in Oslo. 2016
ROM for art and architecture, Oslo. Course / seminar in scenography, 1999
National Theater, Oslo. Course / seminar in painting techniques for scene, 1998
Mountview Academy of Theater Arts, London. Scenography, 1994/97
The Norwegian Opera, Oslo. Sets. You learn from the painting hall, 1993/94
Study studio, Oslo. Arts and crafts with emphasis on painting, 1992/93
Holtet Vgs, Oslo. Basic course of furniture nets, 1991/92
Hartvig Nissen vgs, Oslo. Drawing shape and color, 1988/91

Trade shows:
2017 H12 Galleriverkstedet, Oslo, public exhibition. Christmas exhibition 2017.
2017 MoodLed exhibition. National Assembly for NTF.
2017 Attended the Oslo Cultural Night. Gallery Falk, Oslo.
2017 Participated in art project on the Ljanselva Lightning. Gallery Falk, Oslo.
2017 Gallery Falk, Oslo. “Near Heaven”. Co-exhibitors Kjersti Næss.
2017 Artista, Sandvika. “Wish a dream, dream a wish”. Co-exhibits Katarina Huser.
2017 Launch of MoodLed. Supports MOS art. Gallery Falk, Oslo.
2017 Attended the Oslo Open. Gallery Falk, Oslo.
2017 H12 Gallery workshop, Oslo. Reprise, "Powerlessness, Hope and Love.
2016 H12 Galleriverkstedet, Oslo, public exhibition. Christmas exhibition 2016.
2016 Kafe Saba / Town Hall. Exhibits Aina Hartmann. "Devotion, Hope and Love
2016 Gallery Falk in Oslo, shared exhibition with Katarina Huser. “Oslo Melancholia”
2015 Gallery workshop in Oslo, public exhibition. Christmas exhibition 2015.
2015 Twisted Corner Gallery, Shared exhibition with Katarina Huser. “Lost in a city”
2015 The Norwegian theater, public transport. under the direction of Plan Norway. “Because I am a girl”
2014 Gallery Piont in Oslo, separate exhibition. “The fairytale dissolves”
2014 Gallery workshop in Oslo. Shared exhibits with Randi Finseth.
2014 Art exhibition organized by Lions Lilleaker.
2013 Opening exhibition of Galleri ArtikA in Kirkenes, Oil and glass on plate.
2013 Art exhibition arranged by Lions Skjeberg.
2013 Gallery Langhus under the direction of Lions. Anniversary Exhibition. Judges judged.
2013 Four Seasons Art Café in Bærum. Acrylic on canvas. Shared exhibits with André Fjeld.
2012 Jury-renowned collective protest, 22 artists. Art Gallery KH, Karlskrona in Sweden.
2012 “Englerom” kollektivutst, 20 artists. Bøler Church, Oslo.
2012/13 Collage / painting. Fast exhibits at “Heavenly Delights”, Vestby.
2012/13 Separatutst. Fast exhibits 2013. Galleri Nedre Myren in Arendal.
2011 “Dark Light” Separatutst. Acrylic on canvas. Sjømannsskolen in Oslo.
2011 “Seeing is believing” Separatutst. Fixed exhibits. Oil on canvas. The Livestock in Ski.
2011 “New Life”. Kollektivutst. Painting and glass printing. Gallery La Vie in Oslo.
2011 “Love”. Public exhibition. Acrylic on canvas. Gallery La Vie in Oslo.
2009 “Seeing is believing” Separatutst. Oil on canvas. Årvoll Farm in Oslo.
2009/10 “Seeing is believing” Separatutst. Oil on canvas. Sjømannsskolen in Oslo.
2008 Public Meeting. with “kunstonline”. Acrylic on canvas. The gallery in Asker Kulturhus.
2007 “A tribute”. Separate oil and acrylic on canvas. The gallery at Årvoll Gård in Oslo.
2006 Without theme. Kollektivutst. Oil on canvas. Coachman home. Frogner Park in Oslo.
2005 “Moments in green and violet”. Separatutst. Acrylic on canvas. Gallery Falk. Hvervenbukta.
2004 “Appearance”. Separatutst. Oil on canvas. “Creation”. The battle in Oslo.
2004 “Courage to Change”. Separatutst. Oil on canvas. Gallery Falk. Hvervenbukta.
2003 “Portrait of Palestine”. Separatutst. Coal drawings. Sagene samfundshus.
2002 “Birth and Life”. Separatutst. Oil on canvas. The Sagene Community House.
2000 “Women’s Life”. Oil on canvas. Hønse-Louise House. The sagas in Oslo.
1999 “New Start” Public Meeting. Oil paintings. Malerloftet. Center in Oslo.
1993 “No alternative” public exhibition. Coal drawings. The recipe. Center in Oslo.

Drawings and paintings are acquired by public institutions, companies and a number of private individuals.
Creative Jobs:
1994 Scenography Assistant. Director: Paul Clayton.
Mountview Theater, London. “Babes in the wood”. Musical.
1995 Scenograph. Director: John Gardyne.
Mountview Theater, London. “Sleeping Beauty”. Musical.
1995 Scenograph. Direction: Matthew White.
Judi Dench Theater, London. “David Copperfield”. Theatre.
1996 Designer / painter of the main stage stage (16 X 21 meters).
Fortune Theater, West End, London. Theater
1996 Scenograph. Director: Jonathan Chadwich.
Judi Dench Theater, London. “Amongst Barbarians”. Theatre
1996 (Open air theater). Kulisse painter. Director: Carolyn Soutar.
National Trust, London. “Battle of Trafalgar”.
1996 Kulisse painter. Direction: Tom Hawkes.
Derngate Theater, London. “Marriage of Figaro”. Opera.
1996 Scenograph. Director: Olivia Jacobs.
Roman Eagle Lodge, Edinburgh. “City of Love”. Theatre.
1996 Scenographer and prostitute. Director: Mark Pattenden.
Studio Theater, London. "Kathrine Mansfield. Theatre.
1996 Lecture on lighting design and performing arts.
Faculty of Theater Studies, Blindern UIO
1997 Scenograph. Director: Phillip Hoffman.
Chelsea Theater, London. “When five years pass”.
1997 Scenographer assistant. Scenographer: David Henry.
Initial Film, BBC. London. “NO SWEAT”.
1997 Scenograph. Director: Benjamin Till.
Pleasance Theater, London. “Someone whistled”. Opera.
1997 Design logo for Telenor Company’s handicap project.
Project responsible: Ingrid Ihme.
1998 Decorator at lighting design course, Nott’98. by Light Designer: Svein Meling.
The Norwegian Theater.
1998 Decoration and decorator in interior renovation.
Bjølsen Fritidsshus in Oslo.
1998/99 Vice-Chancellor of the TFB Children’s Theater festival.
Bjølsen in Oslo.
1999 Scenograph. Director: Harald Sæthervold.
Hamar Theater, Hamar. 50th Anniversary. “Revy Per”. Revy.
1999 Scenograph. Director: Harald Sæthervold.
Hamar Theater, Hamar. Martens revy. “Right in the basement”. Revy.
1999 Scenography. UN Child Convention.
Spikersuppa in Oslo. 10th anniversary.
1999 Desiger / painter of mural at Bjølsen AKS in Oslo.
1998/00 Performer and technician in Theater Anubias.
Director: Kristin Amundsen. Youth Theater.
2000/04 Medeier and founder of the guide company “Oslo city and Naturewalks”.
2000/01 Course Manager at the Creativity Workshop, Kampen i Oslo.
2000/01 Exhibition and gallery manager at Sagene Samfunnshus in Oslo.
1998/02 Artistic responsibility for several cultural projects and festivals for youth and disabled people under the auspices of Oslo Municipality. Examples: Youth Culture Pattern, Jentivalen, Bjølsen Open.
2003 Scenograph. TONO’s 10th anniversary. Tram station at Torshov in Oslo.
2008 Course leader in painting and drawing at the Maya Culture School in Oslo.
2009 – Continuous ongoing: Course manager for all paint courses at Gallery Falk in Oslo.
2009 – Continuing: Scenery for “Backwerk”. Performance band in Oslo.
2012 Designer / painter of mural at Slime farm nursery in Oslo.
2013/14 Course leader in painting and drawing at the Trikkehallen culture in Oslo.
2014 Art assignment for the expressway in Oslo. Gisle print framed originals for all employees. 4 year contract.
2017 Jury at the UKM for Bærum. Sandvika Cultural Center.
2017 Graffiti / streetart course for residents at Bjørndal Rehabilitation Center for addicts.
2017 – Continuing ongoing: Head of SNK. Søndre Nordstrand Art Society.
2017 Jury by UKM for Asker. Asker Kulturhus.

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Ljansbrukveien 2, 1250 Oslo