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Herland, Mamta Baruah

Digital art

Mamta Baruah Herland works in various mediums and themes. Her artistic vision is to incorporate sensitivity with existing technologies as part of a process to create works that can be defined as art of synthesis.

Member of NBK, LNM

Mbh dimension 2017
"Dimension" by Mamta B. Herland
Mbh reflection
"Reflection" by Mamta B. Herland
Mbh presonality 2017
"Personality" by Mamta B. Herland


Master of Fine Art (MFA), Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, England
Graphic Design, MI, Mercantile Institute, Oslo, Norway
Visual Arts, Sydney College of Art, University of Sydney, Australia

Solo exhibitions
2015: India, Mumbai, Shagun Art Gallery, Between Realities
2009: India, Mumbai, Nehru Art Centre Gallery
2006: Norway, Sandvika, Mamta Gallery – Digitale Bilder
2005: Norway, Kristiansand, Gallery 1897 – Communicating @
2004: England, Winchester, Tower Arts Centre – Between reality and dreams
2002: Norway, Bærum, Fokus bank – Paintings & Photographs
2002: Norway, Geilo, Geilojordet Galleri – Paintings & Photographs
2001: Norway, Geilo, Geilojordet Galleri – A journey through mountains and colours
2000: Norway, Asker, Det Lille Galleri – Awakening Vision

Selected group exhibitions
2017: Sørum Kunstforening, Polluting Purity 2017
2017: Oslo, Galleri 69, Migrating Identities 2017
2016: Norway, Lørenskog kunstforening, Kunsthall, Migrating identities
2013: Norway, Oslo, Galleri Schaeffers gate, Min Stemme
2013: USA, New York City, Trygve Lie Gallery, Photography, Right On the Track
2013: India, Mumbai, Coomarswami Hall, Prince of Wales Museum of Western India
2013: India, Mumbai, IAF, ASK Art Gallery
2012: USA, New York, NOoSphare Gallery, Parallax Views: Multiculturalism – Epic Fail or Not 2012
2012: Norway, Oslo, Galleri Schaeffers gate, Photography documenting subways in Oslo, Berlin & NYC
2011: China, Sichuan, bilateral Art exhibition in collaboration with College of Arts of Southwest University for Nationalities in Chengdu
2011: Norway, Drammen, Kunst Rett Vest
2011: Belgium, Antwerpen, Deurne, Atelier Luc de Backer, Van Veraf Dichtbij – From Afar Close
2010: USA, NY, Brooklyn Gallery, Museum of Computer art, Digitalism III, 2010 [Honorable Mention]
2010: Norway, Bærum Kunstforening, Ansikt
2010: Norway, Sundvolden Galleri, Kunst Rett Vest
2010: Norway, Horten, Preus Museum, The national museum of photography, Fotografiets Dag
2010: USA, Los Angeles, A&I Gallery, International touring exhibition, Common Ground
2009: Norway, Oslo, Indo-Norwegian Society’s 50th anniversary, screening videos
2009: Norway, Bærum Kunstforening, Lyspunkt
2009: USA, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, Snap to Grid
2009: Norway, Galleri Artista, BKiB’s artist-organized show, Innenfor Kvadrater
2009: India, Mumbai, The Nehru Art Centre Gallery, Between Reality & Dream
2008: China, Beijing, Han Tie Art Museum, Common Ground
2008: Norway, Arena Vestfossen, Kunst Rett Vest
2008: Norway, Lørenskog Kunstforening, Gallery Skårer
2008: Norway, Horten, Preus Museum, Fotografiets Dag
2008: China, Beijing, the Huan Tie art district, Haun Tie Art Museum, Common Ground
2008: Norway, Horten, Fotografiets dag
2008: Norway, Arena Vestfossen, Kunst Rett Vest
2008: Norway, Oslo, Lørenskog Kunstforening, International crossing
2008: Norway, Oslo, Royal ministry of cultural dept., Government Gallery R5 International crossing
2008: USA, Florida, Museum of the Americas, organised by an international group of digital artists
2008: Russia, Moscow, NCCA, National Centre for contemporary arts, Video Arts
2008: Denmark, Naestved international exhibition of Contemporary Mini Square Prints
2007: Norway, Oslo, Map Gallery
2007: Norway, Oslo, Lions Club annual show
2007: Lithuania, Cultural Communication Centre, Klaipeda – Video Art a & Architecture
2007: Norway, Bærum Kulturhus, BKiB autumn show, (Best of show prize)
2007: Norway, Kunst Rett Vest (arranged by municipalities in the west region
2006: USA, New Mexico, Las Cruces, The Museum of Fine Art – Silicon Sands
2006: Italy, Florence, Net gallery – Release
2006: Norway, Bærum Kunstforening – Norge, ung 100-åring i form…og farge
2006: Ecuador, C.A.U.S.E,/PMT (Programa Muchachos Trabajadores – Sinfonia de Amor
2006: USA, Indiana University Kokomo Art Gallery – Indiana International Video Art & Architecture
2006: Russia, Novosibirsk State Art Museum – Temporary Identities
2006: Argentina, M.I.A.D. Venado Tuerto 2006, international fine art show
2006: USA, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art – Snap to Grid
2005: England, London, The Oxo Tower Wharf Gallery – The Art of Love
2005: Italy, Ferrara, Ferrara Museum of The Estense Castle- Emotion in Motion
2005: USA, Los Angeles/Pomona, Call to Arts! Summit V Juried Art Exhibition (Best of show prize)
2005: Italy, Firenze – Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence Biennale
2005: Norway, Norway, Oslo, Galleri BOA – Kunst i tiden, tid i kunsten
2004: USA, New York, Lincoln Center, Cork Gallery – Painting with pixels, International digital print exhibition
2004: USA, New Jersey, Visual Arts League – International Digital Print Show
2004: England, London, Ardean Gallery Cork Street – the art of love
2004: England, Guildford, Guildford Art Exhibition – Art at Work
2004: USA, New York, Agora Gallery – Pixel Perfect, International Digital Fine Art Exhibition
2004: Spain, Barcelona, Galeriazero.com- Contemporary
2003: Norway, Bærum, Galleri H 11 – The Easter Art Exhibition
2003: England, Guildford, Guildford Art Exhibition – Art at Work
2003: Norway, Lørenskog, Galleri Skaarer – Østlandsutstillingen
2003: Spain, Madrid, Estampa – Estampa International Print Fair
2003: Norway, Oslo, Galleri LNM – Småbildeutstilling

Selected Public Collections
2009: India, Royal Norwegian consulate general in Mumbai
2007: Norway, Bærum, Ramstad School
2006: Norway, Municipality of Bærum
2006: Norway, OIS, Oslo International School
2005: England, Winchester City Council, UK
2003: Norway, Kulturråd, The Norwegian Council of Cultural Affair
2001: Norway, Municipality of Hol

The Impact of Giclée. A shift towards digital print in future art 
Mamta Digitized – My way to make digital fine art 
Internet and the World Wide Web, Consequences for Fine Art

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