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Nordbø, Rebecca (rebeliCa angeCCa)

drawing, printmaking, paper

TSSoP; The Shady Side of Plants::
In the shadow is what we dont see, the lack of light, the shadow side.

I draw the impression of light, the light that has traveled all the way from the sun (sometimes by the moon) and hit the ground. Almost an uninterrupted line. with the plant inbetween I draw the shadow portrait. The shadow that is constantly moving and changing, like everything else.
I try to draw, add color to, and capture spaces, the air around and in between.

i try to make visible a volatile moment by study it and investigate layers that may lie between.
i want my work to trigger a bodily experience, i want to make your eyes vibrate.

Member of NBK, TF, NG

Humulus lupulus. 21.05.17. 13 38>13 44. (2017) tusjtegning på utvasklito. 50x33,5cm
rebeliCa angeCCa. Humulus Lupulus. 21.05.17. 13-38>13-44. (2017) tusjtegning på utvasklito. 50X33,5cm
Aubergine mirka. 04.07.17. 09 25>09 29. (2017) tusjtegning. 42x38,5cm
rebeliCa angeCCa. Aubergine Mirka. 04.07.17. 09-25>09-29. (2017) tusjtegning. 42x38,5cm
Rose. 17.06.17. 09 57>10 02. (2017) tegning på tresnitt. 44x44cm
rebeliCa angeCCa. Rose. 17.06.17. 09-57>10-02. (2017) tegning på tresnitt. 44x44cm
Ficus benjamina. 08.09.16. 13 17>13 30. (2016) tusjtegning, 76x56cm. kopi
rebeliCa angeCCa. Ficus Benjamina. 08.09.16. 13-17>13-30. (2016) tusjtegning, 76x56cm.

Planned projects and exhibitions

26.05.18 – 16.09.18 ‘PAPER’ Telemarksgalleriet & Lysbuen, norsk industriarbeidermuseum, Notodden


CV november 2017

Name: Rebecca Nordbø (rebeliCa angeCCa)
Born: 17.12.1987, Flekkefjord
Adr: Sverres gate 2, 0652 Oslo
Phone: 41468330
E-mail: rebecca_angelica@hotmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebelica_angecca/

12-14 Master of Visual Arts, Oslo Academy of the Arts
08-11 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Oslo Academy of the Arts
06-08 Two years programme in Art, Strykejernet Kunstskole

Solo exhibitions:
2017 ‘The Shady Side of Plants’ Galleri Briskeby, Oslo
2014 ‘Cabinet of Curious Codices’, Cappelens Forslag, Oslo

Group exhibitions:
2018 ‘PAPIR’ Telemarksgalleriet & Lysbuen, norsk industriarbeidermuseum, Notodden
2018. ‘Gruppeutstilling’ Galleri Briskeby, Oslo
2018 ‘Frekvens’ Norske Grafikere, Oslo
2017 ‘Ungt blikk på tegning og tekstil’, Oppegård Kunstforening, Kolbotn
2017 ‘SUBSTRAT’ Eidsberg Kunstforening, Mysen
2017 ‘Flekkefjordkunstnere’ Rådstua, Flekkefjord Kunstforening, Flekkefjord,
2016 ‘INNBUNDET/UBUNDET’, Artist Books, Norske Grafikere, Oslo
2015 Medlemsutstilling, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo
2013 ‘Trøkk’, Norske Grafikere, Oslo

2017 Perspektiv, Klassekampen, 26.09.17.
2016 ‘Kupert kunstnerbok-terreng’, Lars Elton, Dagsavisen, 22.04.16.

Norske Grafikere

2017 exhibition grant, Arts Counsil Norway
2017 Artist Grant for young/newly established artist, Oslo Kommune
2016 Project grant, Norwegain Printmakers
2015 Project grant, Norwegain Printmakers
2015 Quadrat Nou, residence in Barcelona, Norwegian Printmakers
2011 Grant for Art Student, Government Grant for Artists
2011 Flekkefjord Kommune kulturegrant

2016 Bergen Kommune, Bergen City archive, ‘Bookworm’ permanent book installasjon in the reseption of the archive.
2011 Mandal Kommune

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