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Jóhannsson, Sveinn Fannar

Sculpture, photography, installation and so on

The artist type divined from Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson’s work—always laboriously preened for capture—is an impassive one. A book featuring portraits of Jóhannsson taken by waiters acts as a self-conscious contemplation of this parasitical figure. It can be a strain to be waited on, if you are attuned to how the procuring and preparing of sustenance is separate from its ingestion, to how this divide can shine an unfavourable light on the organism doing the eating. At best, such task differentiation sacrifices our self-reliance in order to create a larger subject of interlocking, specialised functions (such as a family or society), for which you are of vital importance. Worst case: the function you assume for yourself is specious—and kept in operation by children in the Congo farming rare earths for the tech that connects your precious product to its sparse consumer base. There’s an existential murmur arising from Jóhannsson’s remakings, paraphrasings and appropriations; interspersing his regurgitation of post-conceptual art’s detached procedures are inexplicable bouts of community-oriented action, like collecting discarded clothes and transforming them into public sculptures. None are welcome, of course, but they serve as atonements, nonetheless.

Member of UKS, FFF

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Sinking Holes, Circles, Holes and Other Holes
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Untitled (Newspaper)
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Complete Early Works (Volume III)
Untitled 2
Various artits's books

Planned projects and exhibitions




One-man shows
Recent Works and Other Myths, MELK, Oslo
Sinking Holes, Circles, Holes and Other Holes, Künstlerhaus Bethanien , Berlin
Proposals for Commissioned Work, Bruch & Dallas, Cologne
Wheels and Trophies, W17/Studio-residency, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Who´s the Postman Now, Grünerløkka Kunsthall, Oslo
From a Point to Another/Material Studies, MELK, Oslo
A Narrow Scene of Hypothetical Circumstances, Fotogalleriet, Oslo
And You Could Have a Limp, Kunstraum D21, Leipzig
Turned Into Stag, Galerie Hafenrand, Hamburg
Die Entscheidung ist gefallen, Galerie Caprice Horn, Berlin
New Talents, Galerie Caprice Horn/Art Cologne
One-man show, Zephyr, Raum für Fotografie, Mannheim


NORMALITY IS THE NEW AVANT-GARDE, Kópavogur Art Museum – Gerðarsafn, curated by Heiðar Kári Rannversson
Artists‘ Books for Everything, Center for Artist’s Publications, Weserburg Museum of Modern Art

Dislocating Surfaces – New Scandinavian Photography, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, curated by MELK
Books & Co., Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, organized by Bob Monk
The Drawing Biennale, Galleri Format, Oslo, curated by Elise Storsveen
On books and photography – what defines the photobook?, Dortmunder U – Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität, Dortmund
Photography and the everyday, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus, curated by Nicos Philippou, Despo Pasia, Nicolas Lambouris and Yiannis Toumazis.
Books & Co., Gagosian Gallery, Paris, organized by Bob Monk
Re: follow-ed (after hokusai), Cabinet du livre d’artiste, Rennes, Curated by Michalis Pichler and Tom Sowden
Recent Acquisitions at the Athenaeum, Joseph Clayes III Gallery, La Jolla, CA
Sparebankstiftelsen DNB Grant Exhibition, Oslo Kunstforening, curated by Marianne Hultman
A Book Between Two Stools, Boghossian Foundation, Villa Empain, Brussels
Purgatorio, Norsk Billedhuggerforening, Oslo, curated by True Solvang Vevatne
The Year of the Pig, Grünerløkka Kunsthall, Oslo
Books & Co., Museum Brandhorst, Munich
Norwegian Sculpture Biennale 2013, The Vigeland Museum, Oslo, curated by Helga Marie Nordby
Books & Co., Gagosian Gallery, New York, organized by Bob Monk
Drawing as an Expression, The 6th Drawing Biennale, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo
Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Curated by Nils Olav Bøe, Gunvor Nervold Antonsen, Stefan Schröder, Kjetil Kausland et. al
Walk of Shame, Wip:konsthall, Stockholm, curated by Line Halvorsen
Recent Photography from Leipzig, Zabludowicz Collection, New York
‘NO MORE NO LESS (THREE) (THAT’S THE MAGIC NUMBER)’, Wizard, Oslo, curated by Gard Frantzen
Acting On a Tip, Grünerløkka Kunsthall, Oslo
Summer Break, Udio Fine Arts, Frankfurt/Main, Curated by Anke Dyes
The Library of Babel/In and Out of Place, 176/Zabludowicz Collection, London, curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers
Fröhliche Gesellschaft, Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart, Curated by Véronique Bacchetta and Sandro Parrotta
Close the Gap, Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein, curated by Timm Rautert
Höstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, curated by Mattias Härenstam et. al
Close the Gap, Galerie Kleindienst & Werkschauhalle, Leipzig, curated by Timm Rautert
Höstutstillingens videoprogram, Christianssands Kunstforening, Kristiansand
Close the Gap, Städtische Galerie & Kunstverein Speyer, curated by Timm Rautert
Stoffe der Eitelkeit, Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart, curated by Christin Krause and Sandro Parrotta
Höstutstillingens videoprogram, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø
Herre i eget hus?, Galleri BOA, Oslo
No Rabbit, No Eagle, Shangyan Art Museum, Beijing, curated by Jörg Schütze et. al
Three Hours Between Planes, Chicago Cultural Center, curated by Marco Poloni and Eiko Grimberg
Three Hours Between Planes, Werkschauhalle, Leipzig, curated by Marco Poloni and Eiko Grimberg
Vertrautes Terrain – Schauraum 1/Leipziger Schule, Städtische Galerie beim ZKM, Karlsruhe
Ohne mich stehst du im nichts, Galerie Hafenrand, Hamburg
Close the Gap, Stadtgalerie Kiel, curated by Timm Rautert
Synthetische Natur, D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, curated by Leif Magne Tangen
Pro:ohm Proudly Presents, Universal Cube, Leipzig, curated by Jörg Schütze et. al
Into the woods tonight, Parrotta Contemporary Art/Project Space, Berlin, Curated by Birgit Kulmer, Martina Kupiak and Kerstin Schmidt
WASSER! FORT! AU! HILFE! SCHÖN! NICHT!, Galerie Hafenrand, Hamburg
Into the woods tonight, Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart, curated by Birgit Kulmer, Martina Kupiak and Kerstin Schmidt
the Roof, Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig
Gescheiterte Strategien, Vienna Biennale 2006, Curated by Mario Grubisic and Irina Nalis
Accrochage „Refraction,” Galerie Caprice Horn, Berlin
Intention of the Public, Redskyart Space, Haikou City, China
D21: SALON 2006, Kunstraum D21, Leipzig
Photo Miami, Galerie Caprice Horn, Florida

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