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Moldvær, Marius

Textile, installation, text

I am a visual artist with a BFA from The National Academy of Art, Department of Photography, Bergen, Norway, and a Master ́s degree in Critical Theory and Creative Research from The Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR where my work is conducted on the intersection between practice and theory. Through mediums such as textile, photography, sculpture, lectures, and writing I construct paradigms that cut cross multiple disciplines and ideas to interfere with, or disrupt, linear narratives and set history, where knowledge, experience, and landscape continually osculates between the personal and the collective whole.

Member of BKSF, FFF

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Marius Moldvær, Leather Weavings (Skin Traces), Raw leather and linnen Approx. 50 x 70 cm 2016, Installation Murmansk, from «Trace Me Where I’m Not At Home» at Barents Spektakel 2017
Exhibition front room
Marius Moldvær, Installation view «Trace Me Where I’m Not At Home» at Barents Spektakel 2017
Stonehanging oversikt2
Untitled (Stone(connection) Felt, lace, stone with natural hole Approx. 70 x 90 cm 2016, from «Trace Me Where I’m Not At Home» at Barents Spektakel 2017
Vev teriberka
Marius Moldvær, Leather Weavings (Skin Traces) Raw leather and linnen Approx. 50 x 70 cm 2016, installation Teriberka, from «Trace Me Where I’m Not At Home» at Barents Spektakel 2017

Planned projects and exhibitions

My latest projects include «Trace Me Where I’m Not At Home» at Barents Spektakel 2017, and the collaborative projects «I Folkets Navn» with Gruppe 11 (gruppe-11.com) and «The Ocean Unseen» with Hedvig Biong.

Further projects include a solo exhibition at Soft Gallery in Oslo (The organisation Norwegian Textile Artists) , an artist residency through Arkhangelsk A-I-R and Arkhangelsk Branch of the Union of Artists as a continuation of the project at Barents Spektakel 2017, and the project «Borders and Crossing Them» with Carl-Oskar Linné that explores the cultural tension in the border area of northern Scandinavia.


Marius Moldvaer
NO: 41452090

2013-2014: MA in Critical Theory and Creative Research, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland OR, USA
2010: Student exchange, Korean National university of Arts, Seoul, South Korea
2008 – 2011: Bergen Academy of Art and Design, BFA, Department of Specialized Art Photography, Bergen, Norway

Solo Exhibitions
2018: TBA, Soft Galleri, Oslo, Norway
2017: Trace me where I’m not at home, part of Barents Spektakel 2017, Kirkenes, Norway
2016: Those Things I Told You In Twilight That Amazed Us BothSLOT window gallery, Curated by Luisa Tresca, Sydney, Australia
2015: For that Which is Between the Earth, GAFFA Curated by Luisa Tresca, Sydney, Australia
2015: HEIMAT/HIRAETH, Kunsthuset KABUSO, Øystese, Norway
2013: Attempt For Prayer, Tørkeloftet/The Garret, Oslo, Norway

2017: HANDLING TIL HAVET/THE OCEAN UNSEEN, with Hedvig Biong, Blokk Visningsrom, Bergen, Norway
2015: Anniversary exhibition at Vinjumsgalleriet, with work from the Vinjum collection, Aurland Norway
2012: HANDLING TIL HAVET/THE OCEAN UNSEEN, with Hedvig Biong, Slettnes Fyr, Gamvik, Norway
2012: Real World, or Places that dont Exist, Utstilling with Carl-Oskar Linné, Wallingatan 37 Showroom, Stockholm, Sweden
2012: action will be suspended, space will be laid bare. everything shall be extinguished. time will stop with ulien Discrit, Holodeck, Curated by Lars Sture, Oslo, Norway
2012: THE OCEAN UNSEEN, with Hedvig Biong, CirkulationsCentralen, Malmö, Sweden
2010: æøå / åäö , with Elias Björn, Gallery 175, Seoul, South Korea.

Group shows:
2017: I Folkets Navn, GRUPPE 11, Bodø kunstforening, Bodø Norway
2017: I Folkets Navn, GRUPPE 11, Galleri BOA, Oslo, Norway
2017: Mail Art Exhibition, Works made in collaboration with Hedvig Biong, Kvit Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2017: Then One thing led to another, GRUPPE 11, Nordic Anthology Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway
2016: TBA, Høstutstillingen / Statens Kunstutstilling, Oslo, Norway
2016: “It’s cloud illusions I recall”, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway
2015: Mønstring, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Førde, Norway
2015: Vestlandsutsillingen 2015, Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane og Møre og Romsdal, Norway
2015: Center For Land Art Interpetation, Feldman Gallery, Portland OR., USA
2014: I Never Can Say What I Mean, HAP Gallery, Portland, OR, USA.
2013: Let´s Pretend We Live Here, Atelier 123/ Cigarrvägen Tretton/ Konstapoteket
/ Lokalrätten, Stockholm, Sweden
2013: tegnNEARFAR, WSA Gallery, Winchester, UK
2013: Never Mine, GRUPPE 11, Kurant, Tromsø Norway
2013: Vestlandsutstillingen 2013, Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane og Møre og Romsdal, Norway.
2012: FØLGENE, GRUPPE 11,CirkulationsCentralen Malmö, Sweden
2012: FØLGENE, GRUPPE 11, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen Norway
2011: FØLGENE, GRUPPE 11, ONO event ved UKS, Oslo Norway
2011: Across the Bering strait and other tall tales,, Nottingham, UK
2011: UNDERTONER, GRUPPE 11, Wizard Showroom, Oslo Norway
2011: Golden Kentaur European competition for Photography, Munich House of Artist
Foundation, München, Germany
2011: Fluktforsøk, GRUPPE 11, KNIPSU, Bergen Norway
2011: What Matters, Collaborative exhibition with artists from Nottingham UK and Bergen , Fensalen, Bergen Norway
2011: Seeing White Horses, Performance, Supermarket 2011, Stockholm Sweden
2010: Seeing White Horses, Performance Night at Kungl. Kunsthögskolan, Stockholm Sweden
2010: Interchange, Yanbian University Academy of Fine Arts, Yanbian, China
2010: Interchange, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China
2009: NATURALLY , Naturhistorisk museum, Bergen, Norway

2017: Project support, Oslo Kommune, Gruppe-11
Project support, Nordland Fylkeskommune, Gruppe-11
2016: International Support, Office of Contemporary Art Norway, OCA
Project Support From Vederlagsfondet/NBK
2 year Work Grant for unestablished Artists, Norsk Kulturråd
Mobility Grant from Kulturkontakt Nord, Collaboration with Car-Oskar Linné
Project support from Norsk Kulturråd
2015: Project support, Bodø Kommune, Gruppe-11
CT+CR Project support, —west with Joshua Hammerling
Artist Grant from Sogn og Fjordane Fylkeskommune
Project support from Norsk Kulturråd
Diversestipender From NBK
Project support from Aurland Sparebank
2014: Project support from Norsk Fotografisk Fond
2013: Project support from Norsk Kulturråd for Solo show at Kunsthuset KABUSO
2012: Project support from NBK for The Ocean Unseen at Slettnes Fyr
Project support from Gamvik Kommune for The Ocean Unseen at Slettnes Fyr
Project support from Bergen Kommune, Følgene ved Bergen Kjøtt.
Project support from Bergen Kommune, The Ocean Unseen.
Diversestipender, Forbundet Frie Fotografer.
2011: Project support from Norsk Kulturråd, UNDERTONER, GRUPPE 11
Project support from Bergen Kommune, FLUKTFORSØK, Gruppe 11
Project support from Norsk Kulturråd , Øvingar i Einsemd.
Project support from Bergen Kommune, Øvingar i Einsemd.
2009: Project support from The Scandinavian Japanese Sasakawa Foundation.

Contribution Visual:
2017: The Construction of Christopher McCandless» Objektiv, Norway
2014/15: Moving Pencil, Brandy Tribble and Alley Pezanoski-Brown, Portland, OR.
2012: GETTING TO YOU TIDENE, Curated by Lars Sture, Anne-Mari
Creamer and Kjetil Berge

Contribution Essays:
2017: «Neither One or the Other, Nor Subject or Object,» Objektiv, Norway
2015: «Forsvarerne», for the catalogue to the exhibition «Beskyttelse», Bodø, Norway
2014: Submit, Essay: The Hand That Touch the Cradle, Portland OR, USA
The Plantation Volume 3, Essay: The Shape of Things to Come, Oslo/London, Noreg/ London
2012: Way to sort out ones life, LaGranada

Publisher, Editor, contributing artis:
2015: Heimat/Hiraeth,
2012: Øving i Einsemd, Edit Account Basics,
Real World, or Places That Dont Exist, Marius Moldvær og Carl-Oskar Linné

2018/2019: TBA, Arkhangelsk International Cultural Center, Arkhangelsk, Russia 2016: Research/Residency through Pikene på Broen Kirkenes NO, Nikkel RU, and Murmansk RU
Three week residency at Good Karma wool and Spinning Company, Maine, USA
2015: November-Januar, Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dalåsen, Dale Norway
2014: Center For Land Use Interpetation, Wendover, UT. USA.
2013: GRUPPE 11, Kråkeslottet/Art i Juli, Senja, Norway
Platform Beijing Residency through Office of Contemporary Art Oslo (OCA)
2012: Residency at Slettnes Fyr, The Ocean Unseen med Hedvig Biong

Other Professional practices:
2015: Artist Presentation and Lecture at the Pa-ta-ta photo festival in Granada, Spain
Performative Lecture at Skule, initiated and curated by Lars Sture
2014: Interview, Kunstforum, on artist residency.
Interview/Presentation in NY Art Magazine, spring issue, on Artist that use travel as a part of their art making. New York, USA.
2013:CT+CR Collective, Contribution to The Future Project, Centre for the Living Arts, Mobil, AL. USA
Curator for the art section of FETT, Bergen, Norway
First prize at Vestlandsutstillinga 2013,
Wilde Boeken Markt, Edit Account Basics(Marius Moldvær) and Real World or Places That dont exist (Carl-Oskar Linné and Marius Moldvær), Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam,
Fotoworkshop for UKAF (Youth organization at Astrup Fearnley Museum of Art), Oslo, Norway
Pinholekurs, Kulturelle Skolesekken Finnmark with Hedvig Biong, Norway
2012: Wilde Boeken Markt, GRUPPE 11 ́s magazine FØLGENE, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam,
2012-2015: Host, guide, Photographer, and writer at Astrup Fearnley Museet.

Courses attended
2010: Performance Workshop with Dennis Romanovski, KKH Stockholm. Sweden
2009: The Necessary Distance, writing workshop with Jeuno-Je Kim, Aarhus Art academy, Aarhus, Denmark

2017-2019 Board member Vestlandsutstillingen
2015-2017 Board member of Bildende Kunstnarar Sogn og Fjordane
Gruppe 11
Forbundet Frie Fotografer

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