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Dahle, Siren Elise Dversnes

Textile works, sculptures and installations.

I mainly work with textiles and woven structures. The works are often site-related and created as a response to the exhibition site. The relation between work, body and space is an essential part of my artistic practise.

My works often appear to be on the brink of collapse, to me working near the edge of losing control is a motivating force. I explore the idea and the concrete form of decay and the ruin. Besides the obvious physical destruction in the works, they also portray a fragile and vulnerable state of mind.

When the works are taken out of the loom, the textiles fold, descent and re-emerge in new forms. Exploration of contrasts and reconfiguration of context, are central elements in my works. Time as physicality, traces of action are incorporated to explore the cycles of which we are all members.

Member of NBK, UKS, NTK

Boa redigert 17 (1 of 1)
Velvet dust
Boa redigert 18 (1 of 1)
Velvet Dust
Skyggesider oversikt
Skyggesider I, II & III Installation view from the exhibition Skyggesider at Bærum Kunsthall, 2016
UnTITLED, acrylic painted cotton duvet and plexi, 110 x 120 cm, 2015

Planned projects and exhibitions

Feb 2018 RAM Gallery
May 2018 Kummelholmen, Transparence-Resistance-Hidden in Plain Sight,
Svartjord, Stockholm
Sep 2018 BOA,Transparence-Resistance-Hidden in Plain Sight, Svartjord


(b.1986, Stavanger), lives and works in Oslo
Mail: siren.dversnes@gmail.com
+47 47907445

2012 – 2014 Master of Visual Arts, Oslo Academy of the Arts
2009 – 2012 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Textile Department, Oslo Academy of the Arts
2007 – 2009 Two years programme in Art, Fabrikken Asker kunstfagskole

Feb 2018 RAM Gallery, Oslo
May 2018 Kummelholmen, Transparence-Resistance-Hidden in Plain Sight, Svartjord, Stockholm
Sep 2018 BOA, Transparence-Resistance-Hidden in Plain Sight, Svartjord

2017 BOA, Velvet Dust, Oslo
2017 Spriten Kunsthall, Union, Greenlight District, with Svartjord, Skien
2016 The Association of Norwegian Sculptors, PCB, Svartjord presents: Scattered Echo, Oslo
2015 Akershus Art Center, Svartjord presents: Nothing in Excess / Drift, Lillestrøm
2012 Snake Mountain Gallery, I will scream IT for you,Oslo
2011 Galleri Seilduken, COL-LEC-TION, Oslo

2016 Bærum Kunsthall, Skyggesider
2016 Kunstnernes Hus, Høstutstillingen / The annual national exhibition for visual arts, Oslo
2016 Oslo Open Office, BOA, Oslo Open presents: Svartjord, Oslo
2016 Akershus Art Center, Østlandsutstillingen 2016, Lillestrøm
2014 The Association for Norwegian Sculptors, ”Knock Knock”, Svartjord presents: Game of Mirrors/ a Secret Violence, Oslo
2014 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Svartjord presents: Prindsekjøkkenet part II (Refractive Memory), MA Degree Show, Oslo
2014 Svartjord presents: Prindsekjøkkenet, curated by Marianne Zamecznik, Oslo
2013 Akershus Art Center, It´s a Girl, Lillestrøm
2012 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, BA Degree Show 2012, Oslo
2011 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Art In Lightspeed, Black Box, Oslo
2011 Oslo Cathedral, The Ten Commandments, Oslo
2009 Freia, Satisfactory, Degree Show, Asker kunstfag skole, Oslo

2017 Artist Grant for young/newly established artist, Oslo Kommune
2016 Exhibition grant, Arts Council Norway, Svartjord
2016 OCA – Office for Contemporary Art
2016 Art Supply Grant, The Relief Fund for Visual Artists, Svartjord
2014 Exhibition grant, Arts Council Norway, Svartjord
2014 Prize for Art and Design students, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Svartjord
2014 Art Supply Grant, Arts Council Norway
2012 Grant for Art Student, Government Grant for Artists

2017 Fanzine, Union, Svartjord, Spriten Kunsthall
2017 Interview in Kunst Pluss #1, by Monica Holmen
2016 Billedkunst, november 2016, review of The annual national exhibition for visual arts 2016. Text by Kristian Skylstad.
2015 Fanzine, Svartjord. Text by Jan Freuchen, Akershus Art Center
2015 Aftenposten v Kjetil Røed, 15.08.15, review of the exhibition Nothing in Excess / Drift in Akershus Art Center
2014 Fanzine, Svartjord presents Prindsekjøkkenet

The Young Artists Society (UKS)
Norwegian Visual Artists Association (NBK)
Norwegian Textile Artists (NTK)

2016 Grossestreffen, Berlin, Germany
2014 Co-founder and member of the artist group Svartjord
2014 Established the studio community Prindsen atelierfellesskap

Open on: Sunday


Prindsen atelierfellesskap

Storgata 36B, 0182 Oslo
Brugata - Hausmannsgate