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Halmrast, Kristine

Video and photo

My work are related to themes such as dreams and media realities. My artistic method has a starting point in my dream world which is affected by listening to current events on the radio as I drift into sleep. The images encountered in this semi-conscious awareness are reconstructed as video, sound, photo and text. The reconstructions are more than a reflection of the self, they are an expression of the human mind´s unconscious dialogue with current events.

Member of NBK, UKS

"Kim Jong IL og stemmeseddelen". 2017. Video 1920*1080. Kristine Halmrast. Vist ved Tenthaus 2017.
Ballot true cmyk
"Kim Jong IL og stemmeseddelen". Print. Vist ved Tenthaus 2017.

Planned projects and exhibitions

On this date applications for exhibitions are sent to: BOA, Prosjekt Normanns, Trondheim Kunstforening og Østlandsutstillingen.

Work based on dreams, under production / planning, 2018 – 2020:
2018: “David Bowie – eye to eye with the radio”, a new David Bowie song (Video / sound).
2018 – 2019: “Kim Jong Un and Mjøsa”, Kim Jong Un swims over lake Mjøsa covered in ice. (Video / sound).
2018 – 2019: “Trump and the woollen blanket”, Trump admits that he is the leader of North Corea and how he activley damages the countrys reputation so it can grow in peace to be an utopian state. (Video / sound).
2018: “Violent Siff”, dialogue with a guru. (Sound).
2018: “Scratch of me”, new Radka Toneff song (Sound).
2018: "The Dome and the Map», white dome made out of lace, map of Israel / Palestina. (Objects).
2018 -2019: “Caribbean”, sailing with Christian Radich (Log book / sound / photo / video).
2019 – 2020: “On the art of the Cinema”, work based on Kim Jong Ils rules on how to make great cinema and art. (Video, sound and text).


Kristine Halmrast (b.1982) is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo. In 2011 she finished her Masters degree at The National Academy of the Arts (KhiB) in Bergen – Norway. Her works mainly consist of video and photo and has been shown amongst others at: Bergen Kunsthall (Bergen), Kino Kino (Sandnes), Small Projects (Tromsø), 7000IS Reinderland (Reykjavik), Silverlens Gallery (Singapore), Hangar (Barcelona), Oslo Kunsthall, Oslo Screen Festival, Høstutstillingen, Atopia, Fotogalleriet and Tenthaus (Oslo).

2009 – 2011 Master degree in Fine Arts, National Academy of the Arts (KhiB) – Bergen, Norway.
2006 – 2009 Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, National Academy of the Arts (KhiB) – Bergen, Norway.
2008 Exchange Student at Weißensee Kunsthochschule – Berlin, Germany.
2004 – 2006 Foundation year at art school Einar Granum Kunstfagskole – Oslo, Norway.

2017 Establish grant – Oslo kommune/ Oslo Municipality.
2017 1 year grant – Norske billedkunstnere / Norwegian Visual Artists Association (NBK).
2017 Project support, video piece: “Kim Jong IL & the ballot” (NBK).
2014 – 2016 3 year grant – SKS, statens arbeidsstipend / Norwegian State grant for artists.
2013 1 year grant – Norske billedkunstnere / Norwegian Visual Artists Association (NBK).
2013 Project support, video piece: “The Location of Sleep” – Kulturrådet / Arts Council Norway .
2012 Project support, video piece: “The Soliloquist” – Kulturrådet / Arts Council Norway .
2010 Artist grant – Oppland Fylkeskommune Kunstnerstipend / County of Oppland.

2015 Residency: Hangar Artcenter in Barcelona.

2012 – 2017 Teacher, annually 1 month videoworkshop at art school: Kunstskolen i Bergen (KiB – Norway).

2017 Video program at «Høstutstillingen», annually art exhibition Kunstnernes Hus / House of artists, Oslo – Norway.

2012 – 2014 Guide at Høstutstillingen, annually art exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus / House of artists, Oslo – Norway.

Photo / video assignments
2015 Film photographer for documentary on film censorship and freedom of speech for LGBT in India. Shot under the Mumbai premiere of the feature film: “Life is a moment”, The Hungry Hearts / Blylaget Film / Bollywood.
2015 Assistant & photographer for Cecilie B. Jordheim: “The world is a stave”, Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag – Norway.
2015 Photographer for Catalina de Cid: “Uniforme del Servicio Domestico”, performance Sagrada Familia – Barcelona.
2015 Photographer for Bea Stach: “The Language of Dust”, Goethe institute – Barcelona.
2014 Photographer for the Oslo premiere of the feature film: “Life is a moment”,
The Hungry Hearts / Blylaget Film / Bollywood.
2014 Photo/video of theatre performance “Dahmer Syndrome”, Øystein Johansen / Bunnyhead Productions.
2013 Photo/video of theatre performance “Thing of Beauty”, Øystein Johansen / Bunnyhead Productions.
2012 Photo/video of theatre performance “Ekspedisjon”, Øystein Johansen / The Great Pretenders (TGP).
2009 – 2010 Art Director, the student magazine Replikk.

Member of (2011 > )
Norwegian Visual Artists Association (NBK) and Unge Kunstneres Samfund (Young Artists Society) (UKS).

Exhibitions 2017
Sept – Oct Exhibition with Kirsty Kross, Tenthaus – Oslo, Norway.
“Kim Jong IL and the ballot” – video.
“Gaddafi & sons” – photo.

May Contemporary Art Festival, Innan luften går ur – Hagfors, Sweden.
“Plastic Smoke” – video.

Exhibitions 2015
April – May Exhibition with Mattias Härenstam, Oppland Kunstsenter – Lillehammer, Norway.
Curator: Frøydis Helene Frøysaker.
“The Location of Sleep” and “The Soliloquist” -video.

March Solo exhibition: Like Pinning Jelly to the Wall, Trondheim Kunstmuseum – Trondheim, Norway. Curator: Rake Visingsrom / Charlotte Rostad and Trygve Ohren.
“The Location of Sleep” and “The Soliloquist” -video.

Exhibitions 2014
February Solo exhibition: Byflimmer, Fotogalleriet – Oslo, Norway.
Curator: Iselin Linstad Hauge.
“The Location of Sleep” – video (solo exhibition).

Exhibitions / Screenings 2013
July I Skyggen av Munch – Kragerø, Norway. Curator: Ane Sagatun.
Site specific and temporary exhibition in public space and symposium, in Munch’s footsteps. On the occasion of Edvard Munch 150 year anniversary.
“The Location of Sleep” – video installation (group exhibition).

February Preparatory symposium for group exhibition in Kragerø, Norway:
Site specific and temporary exhibition in public space and symposium, in Munch’s footsteps.

February Art Video Exchange, 700IS Reindeerland – Reykjavík, Island.
“Such Old Friends, So Much Time” – video (screening).

Exhibitions / Screenings 2012
2012 Small Projects – Tromsø, Norway.
“The Soliloquist and The Liarbird” – 2 video pieces (solo exhibition).

2012 ++ Black Box – Oslo, Norway.
“The Liarbird” – video (group exhibition).

2012 Oslo Screen Festival – Oslo, Norway.
“Such Old Friends, So Much Time” – video (screening).

2012 Small Projects – Tromsø, Norway.
“Such Old Friends, So Much Time” – video (screening).

2012 Supermarket – Stockholm, Sweden (represented by Small Projects).
“Such Old Friends, So Much Time” – video (screening).

Exhibitions / Screenings 2011
2011 Art Video Exchange, Atopia – Oslo, Norway.
“Such Old Friends, So Much Time” – video (screening).

2011 Åpen Kunsthall, Oslo Kunsthall – Oslo, Norway.
“One as Two” # 2 – video (group exhibition).

2011 Kunstfestivalen Glass 2011, Drengestua – Gjøvik, Norway.
“One as Two II”- video (group exhibition).

2011 Pines and Powerlines, MA show, Bergen Kunsthall – Bergen, Norway.
“Such Old Friends, So Much Time”- video (group exhibition).

Exhibitions / Screenings 2010
2010 Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus – Oslo, Norway.
“Dybbuk” – video (group exhibition).

2010 Release party, Student magazine: Replikk, Kvarteret – Bergen, Norway.
“Dybbuk” – video (screening).

2010 It´s hard to keep a white shirt clean, Rom8 – Bergen, Norway.
“One as two” – video (group exhibition).

Exhibitions / Screenings 2007 -2009
2009 Monitor, Landmark – Bergen, Norway.
“Dybbuk” – video (screening).

2009 KinoKino – Sandnes, Norway.
“Dybbuk” – video (group exhibition).

2009 Making a Scene, BA show at The National Academy of the Arts, – Bergen, Norway.
“Dybbuk” – video (group exhibition).

2008 Anonyme Zeichner N.9, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, – Berlin, Germany.
“Uneasy”, “Bird”, “Escape” – drawings (group exhibition).

2008 Open Day, Weißensee Kunsthochschule, – Berlin, Germany.
“The Clapper” – installation, wood / motor / electronics, (group exhibition).

2007 – 2008 Public Art Commission, Nye Aker Sykehus – Lillestrøm, Norway.
“Childrens Suitcase” – sculpture in bronze and steel.
collaboration with Janna Maren Thöle-Juul and Mikkel Hoffplass Rassmussen.

2007 – 2008 Gallery 1.59, The National Academy of the Arts – Bergen, Norway.
invited artists to gallery, showing 7 different exhibitions,
in collaboration with Bettina Hvidevold Hystad.

2007 Galleri Fisk – Bergen, Norway.
“No Voy a Dormir si no es Contigo”, Liquid Light Photo, (solo exhibition).

2007 Inheriting the front yard – Bergen, Norway.
“The Diskoheads”, installation / video. Collaboration with Bettina Hvidevold Hystad (group exhibition).

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