21 & 22 April 2018

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Haugland, Elin Glærum

Painting - Experimental Film

Elin Glærum Haugland creates paintings and experimental video works of human prescence in nature.
The past three years she has traveled to islands in Polynesia and the Amazon jungle of Peru and Brazil to paint using natural color pigments. The paintings are designed to fit in her backpack and the colors are linked to the places she visits and the cultures she meets. She is learning about different ways of being in the world, and viewing life, from people living close to nature. She studies the use of natural color pigments in body painting, tattoo and decoration of everyday objects.
Using her sensitivity, Elin translates the impressions she receives into a painted language. For her, the painting is alive and through the encounter with other cultures, she is looking for soul and power to give to her paintings.

Member of NBK, UKS

Painting process in the Brazilian Amazon jungle
Labverde katalog2 2016
Natural color pigments, from the Brazilian Amazon
And their faces 2508
Still from videowork 'and their faces will be painted', produced in Easter Island, 2016-17. by Elin Glærum Haugland
Painting installation, 2017, by Elin Glærum Haugland

Planned projects and exhibitions

2018 – Unge Bærumskunstnere, Bærum Kunstforening, Norway
2018 – Østlandsutstillingen, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway

2018-19 – Will continue my painting field work in Easter Island




Mind Maps from the Peruviuan Amazon – La Monzana, San Roque de Cumbaza, Peru
i Amazonas – Fire Årstider, Bærum
Post Journey pop-up Exhibition, Arena Vestfossen
Journeys to Galapagos and The South Pacific – An Exploration Through Painting – Galleri KIT, Trondheim

2018 Unge Bærumskunstnere, Bærum Kunstforening
2018 Østlandsutstillingen, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium
2018 Påskeutstillingen, Kunsthall Stavern
2018 Between the Lines, The Reception Gallery, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2017 Confession of Tongues – Winter Solstice Night Exhibition, Oslo
2017 Trøndelagsutstillingen,Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst, Trondheim
2017 Hildelund Kunstfestival, Sverige
2017 Immigration Museum, Ellis Island/New York/USA
2017 Mose (med gjester) ved havet, Hovedøya/Oslo
2016 DISAMBIGUATION, Winter Solstice Night Exhibition, Oslo
2016 Mose (med venner) i skogen, Sognsvann/Oslo
2016 Colours of Samoa, Tiapapata Art Gallery, Samoa
2015 Inter-Cultura, Aucaloma/Peru
2015 NBK´s Stipendutstilling 2015
2014 International Film Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris
2014 Eksamensutstilling, Kunstakademiet i Trondheim
2014 performance, Art, Anarchy and Apostacy, TKM Gråmølna, Trondheim
2013 CUBE OFF #1 – Galleri KIT, Trondheim
2013 Art Week, Ålesund
2013 Gender Now, Trondheim
2012 November visningsrom, Trondheim
2012 KIT short films, Nova kino/Trondheim
2011 Avgangsutstilling, Kunstskolen i Bergen
2010 Ab Ovo – Kunsthøyskolen i Bergen
2009 What is Art Practice? – Kunsthøyskolen i Bergen


2017 LabVerde Art Immersion Program, Brazil
2016 Arena Vestfossen, guest studio, Norway
2016 Tiapapata Art Centre, Samoa
2015-16 Sachaqa Centro de Arte, Peru

Fieldwork trips

2017 Brazilian Amazon (40 days)
2017 Easter Island/Peruvian Amazon (3 months)
2015 – 16 Peruvian Amazon, Easter Island, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand (5 months)
2014 The Eden Project, England
2013 Galapagos, Ecuador & Peru

2018 Diversestipend, Norwegian Arts Council
2017 Project Funding, Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond
2015 Etableringsstipend, Statens Kunstnerstipend

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Ole Deviks vei 30, 0666 Oslo



Workshop for children, at Kroloftet, Frysjaveien 40, 0884 Oslo on:

Sunday, 22. April at 12:00-12:40, 13:00-13:40, 14:00-14:40, 15:00-15:40, 16:00-16:40, 17:00-17:40