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Hoel, Frithjof

Installations with video, paintings, text, sculpture and photo

For several years, I have worked with artistic projects concerning the problems that arise in the meeting of art, history and ethics and seek to open up a space where they meet each other, with a perspective that also shed light into our contemporary. I work, apart from painting, drawing, photographs and texts, also with video works circling the same theme.

During a residency in Paris, I met with the well-known Nazi-hunters Beate and Serge Klarsfeld. Their meeting revolved around how we all are captives in grand ideological, religious and political systems. From great ideas and great ideologies, much cruelty and terror may also come forth. This is the crucial point of my art work.

Member of NBK,BKH

1. from the installation "a road to perdition" ,intercultural museum 2016 2017
from the installation "A Road to Perdition", Intercultural Museum 2017
5. fra installasjonen "en landevei mot undergangen" ,galleri ikm:interkulturelt museum, 2016 2017
from the installation "A Road to Perdition", Intercultural Museum 2017
4.from the installation "a road to perdition", intercultural museum 2016 2017
from the installation "A Road to Perdition", Intercultural Museum 2017
5. detalj fra "en landevei mot undergangen", galleri ikm:interkulturelt museum 2016 2017
from the installation "A Road to Perdition", Intercultural Museum 2017

Planned projects and exhibitions

Kunsbanken Hamar, January 2019



1976-77 Archeology and Osteology, The University of Stockholm,Sweden
1977-78 Nordic Languages, The University of Stockholm,Sweden
1979-81 ABF Painting School, Stockholm,Sweden
198-85 The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo,Norway
1988-89 The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo,Norway

Grants and Awards: (selected)

1994 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst DAAD
1994-98 Vederlagsfondets Grants
1999-01 Three years National work Schoolarship for Visual Artists
2004 The Norwegian State Guaranteed Income for Artists GI

Solo exhibitions: (selected)

1986 UKS Gallery, Oslo
1988 Tyholmen Gallery, Arendal
1992 Oslo Kunstforening
1994 “Reflections on the Isenheimer altarpiece”,The Crypt,Oslo Cathedral
1996 "Contemplations on the Dead Christ, Gallery LNM, Oslo
1997 “Considerations about Eugenics”, Bergen Art Hall
1997 UKS Gallery, Oslo
1998 Risør kunstforening
1998 Kunstbanken, Hamar
1999 Porsgrunn Kunstforening
1999 “Beneath a leaden sky”, Telemark Kunstnersenter
2000 Møre og Romsdal Kunstnersenter, Molde
2000 “The perfect Human Being”, Agder Kunstnersenter, Kristiansand
2000 “Aryans and Indians”, Uffizi Gallery, Høvik
2002 “Little Red Ridinghood”, Oslo Kunstforening
2003 Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen
2004 “Diary of War”, Oslo Kunstforening
2009 “Visions of Purity”, Gallery Sverdrup, The University of Oslo
2009 “Norwegian Racial Characters”, The Holocaust Center,
Villa Grande,Oslo
2016 “The Road to Perdition”,Gallery IKM/Intercultural Museum,Oslo

Group exhibitions: (selected)

1984 “Ouroboros”, Gallery Dokken, Oslo
1985 “Project Ingierstrand”, Oslo
1986 “Animals and Demons”, Oslo Kunstforening
1986 Østlandsutstillingen
1986 Sørlandsutstillingen
1989 “Juniutstillingen”, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
1994 “Prosess Norsk Kunstbruk”, Flå
1995 The Young Artists Society, 1984,1988,1990,1992
1995 “Northland Festival”, Skottland
1997 “Gulamålaviten”, performance i Galleri GUN, Oslo
2001 “Christ 2000”, Gallery F 15, Moss
2006 “Ekely 2006”, The Edvard Munch Studio, Oslo
2006 The Annual Exhibition of The Norwegian State, 1987,1988,1997,1999
2007 “Aktuelle Kunst aus Ostnorwegen”,Palais am Festungsgraben, Berlin
2007 Cinemateket, Oslo
2008 “Zeitgenössige Kunst aus Norwegen”,Kunsthalle St.Annen, Lübeck
2008 “Reality bliss”, Galleri Kunstverket, Oslo
2008 PAM Nordic – New Norwegian Videoart
2010 Oslo Municipal Building
2012 “On Trial – Christ 2012”, Gallery F 15, Moss
2012 International Streaming Festival The Hague
2013 “The artists at Ekely”, The Edvard Munch studio, Oslo
2013 Golden Apricot International Film Festival,Yerevan, Armenia
2013 Modern Museum of Art, Yerevan, Armenia
2014 Al-Mahatta Gallery,Ramallah,Palestine Territory
2014 “1814 revisited – the past is still present”,MAGO A,Eidsvoll Verk
2015 “Between Faith and Art”,The Mile End Art Pavilion, London
2015 “A Tribute to Inger Sitter”,Kunstforeningen Verdens Ende,Tjøme
2017 “Staying at Ekely”, The Edvard Munch studio,Oslo


2004 Little Red Riding Hood

2009 Visions of Purity

2012 Let There Be Light

2014 Short stories

Public collections:

The National Museum of Art, Oslo


2001 Text and essays about Christ, from the catalogue Christ 2000
2009 Norwegian Racial Characters – a catalogue published in cooperation with the Holocaust Center
2012 Between Faith and Art – a catalogue published in connection with the exhibition On Trial – Christ 2012
2014 1814 REVISITED – The past is still present, a catalogue published in connection with the exhibition


“The Isenheimer Altarpiece”,Kyrkeruds Folkhögskola,Årjäng 2003
“About Norwegian folktypes”,The Holocaust Centre,Oslo 2009
“Considerations about Eugenics”, The Falstad Centre, 2010
“Peter and the Wolf”, The Oslofjord Piano Festival,Drøbak 2015
“The Propaganda Art of Harald Damsleth,The Einar Granum School of Fine Art, Oslo 2016

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